Monday, September 25, 2006

In the MTC

The second day I got here I had a letter from an elder wanting to be my friend and asking me some questions. He wanted me to write him back. But I declined!

Before this whole MTC thing I just had so much respect for Joseph Smith. But now it's a whole different ball game. It's so amazing how much faith he would have had to restore the gospel in its fullness. A lot of faith!

I know Heavenly Father loves me and acknowledges what my hearts desires. And through faith and only faith I can have him there by my side.

This place is so wonderful I just love it so much. I was worried that I might feel like I was missing out on something in the outside world, or real life. But I feel like the outside world is missing out on this. I want everyone to experience what great changes occur here and how the spirit is so strong. I just don't want to be anywhere but here expanding my knowledge and testimony. I know I'm supposed to be here at this time in my life.