Thursday, June 21, 2007


Hello Hello

We started our week with a yard sale for Brenda Early, the dearest lady ever who also happens to be deaf. (I think I've mentioned her before to you.) The original thought was that we would stay for an hour or two, and then someone else in the ward would come over and help talk to people...Alas the best plans often go awry don't they? We ended up doing the yard sale from about 11am til 4pm. It was a VERY bright sunny day and my 'freckles' definitely popped out a lot more that day. But we were able to sale quite a few items, things we didn't even IMAGINE would sell...Like old lingerie. I know. What didn't sell we took over and donated to Heart and Hand. Brother Gene Pennington in the ward came over and helped us take all of the items, since Brenda's car is not currently working in any way, shape, or form.Sister

Judy Clarke's got baptism on Sunday. It was a wonderful memorable occasion. The Spirit was so strong and overflowed our hearts. I remember right after I was baptized the water was warm but as soon as I got out of the fount it was cold until Celeste or Danica wrapped a towel around me then I felt the warmth of my savior and knew that I was following my savior. We were able to wrap the towel around Sister Clarke and let her feel her savior’s love. She stood there in her wet dripping cloths expressing her tender feelings.

Telling us how different this baptism was then another one she had previously had. We all know that because of the authority we have here on the earth that was restored by Joseph Smith. She just couldn’t stop smiling, it seriously was from ear to ear.There was a Jehovah's Witness Convention held for three days downtown Charleston. On Sunday we were able to attend for a little bit. It was definitely was not General Conference. It was different when they clapped every 5 minutes. But some of the speakers had interesting things to say...On e of them did a Freudian and slip and said “ bla bla bla…. and this Great Confusion ….bla bla bla…” Whoops I think he meant Convention. And did you know that they have an invincible Leader? It was weird because they some good thing to say but it was allover the place and they were defiantly miss a big part.

There were a lot more then I thought about 2,500. I’m grateful for the gospel.Stephanie is doing well-she is going to pray about setting a baptismal date! The Elders will be teaching her and Nathan from now on. (That good bye was pretty hard.)Transfers were this week and both Sister Glad and I have been transferred out of South Charleston. As a matter of fact, we actually closed our area to Sister Missionaries- Media office, for the future. It’s sad. But…. I’m once again opening an area up to sister in Bridgeport West Virginia. My new companion is Sister Larsen and we live in the biggest apartment in our mission. It above a funeral home!! Crazy, I know.

The funny part is the Elders said they cleaned it really well but I don’t think they know that you actually have to vacuum or whip off the counters at lest to call it cleaning. It was nasty. Oh and smells like urine but its all good. I really am excited to be opening it to sister I had a lot of fun in Radford with that and I already love my new comp. She is quarter Japanese so now we are really going to be asked if we are sister.I must be a horrible companion because I’m on my eighth companion and I’ve only been out 9 month. I asked President how many companion I was going to have and he said he was going to try to get me a new one every three weeks. Ha ha.I’ve been have some great studies. Found out that we all have a new tougue…if you read from 2 Nephi 31 & 32 and from Elder Holland’s talk (Tongue of an angel). You will find that you have one also.

Love you all-Sister Barrand

I live at
215 East Main St Apt A
Bridgeport 26330
The famous Maggie Moo's Stephanie and Eli @ the Famous Magie Moo's the next day14
Sister Ryder, Sister Glad, Sister Schimdt, and Me up in Parkersburg for our P-Day!
Cutting Trisha's hair. She only let me cut of an inch!
The Elders so kindly smashed a cup cake in to our front windshield and I could barely see out. Some kids laugh and asked us " Are thoes cup cakes?" when we pulled up to the gas station.
yet again the Elders placing more sweets on our car.


Dear Fam

Can you hardly believe it, today is actually 9 months to the day that I entered the doors of the MTC. Crazy it was great to have some family there. But little Sammers didn’t give me a hug; I better get a huge hug in 9 months. 9 month that’s like waiting for a baby to be born I’m sure the pain is a little different but we both get huge blessing after wards. I'm still finding it hard to believe that I have been serving the Lord as a full-time missionary for 9 months. My comp and I are actually in the same boat so we are definitely planning on celebrating today! There is a missionary tradition of burning something at certain month marks...And I burned some nylons for my 6-month. Tonight it’s going to be a little bigger than some dud nylons.

P.s. Nylons do not burn as well as I would have liked them to. We actually sprayed them with hair spray to make it look cooler for the picture. In real life it was not that exciting. So bigger and better hopefully for the half-wayers tonight. So-just think of a nice big bonfire for this evening!! :P I'm very excited!We had an appointment with Sylvia but unfortunately she was not home. So we are going to try and stop by another day this week. We are still excited and positive that we'll be able to continue teaching her. One thing that is hard to remember sometimes that our time is not the same as everyone else's time. We feel that things go rather slowly when to someone else, major changes in a matter of months is very hard to adjust to! You'd think we would remember that from when we go to the MTC and from there to the mission field, but we don't.

They cram everything well everything that we think we should know into three weeks. We just sometimes want our investigators to learn that fast. But we don’t get everything we what. It a good thing though.We taught Stephanie about The Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited her to pray about being baptized. We saw her briefly yesterday-unfortunately she was not able to come to Church on Sunday on account of a VERY grumpy rebellious baby (Eli decided to not go to sleep until 5 am Sunday morning). You won’t believe where we went, you guess it Maggie Moo's yes indeed, and we might have had it the day before as well. But I will have to tell you that a got a wonderful gift card there from Bryce and Marica and we of course were craving it. Oh and for dad’s sake we have talked to people there and handed out some pass along cards. So its like the two best things sharing the gospel and Maggie Moo’s ice-cream. It’s quite sad that my companion doesn’t get to enjoy this glorious ice-cream because she is lactose intolerant. But she loves the Zoomer drink so it’s all good.
Saturday went to Erica Pender's baptism, she's an eight-year-old in the ward. It was great to see Trisha our investigator there making sure they wouldn’t drown Erica.Our Sunday evening ended with a phone call from our investigator, Sister Hart at 10:30pm...And we talked or rathered listened on the phone until sister Glad fell asleep around 2am. She's having some financial/emotional struggles and she needed to call us and have a little bit of a break down. So sister Glad listened for hours but only because I have listened the night before. It was crazy we just listen...and listen some more. The crazy thing is I don’t know how I stayed up on the phone so late before. Absolutely crazy!

Our referrals in the Office have been doing really well lately. A lot of people are ordering Book of Mormons or Bibles. Can\'t have one without the other, right?! Well, at least that\'s what we\'re trying to show people who are willing to listen.

Sister Glad and I actually received a referral for Teresa Casto. She ordered a Finding Faith in Christ DVD and we had a bit of an adventure getting to her home. The directions to her house were hilarious! It took us a while to find her...In true West Virginia sense we took "Davis Creek Rd, past the fast check, turned left down the one lane rd, over the bridge, past the stop sign, right at the fork, right past the concert pile, past the private property and go to the last trailer on..."I kid you not!

Sister Glad and I eventually found it with some help from some people! It was a neat experience, and we ended up teaching Teresa and her boyfriend, Gary Jr. They have two children, Gary III (2) and Jeremiah (7 months). I got really excited on this visit about sharing why we come out here and serve the lord. She mentioned wanted to raise their kids up in a good environment. It makes me really happy when I see people trying to do the right thing, some of us don’t realize oh lucky we are to be born in a stable oh wait that was Jesus… some of us don’t realize how lucky we are to be born in a stable home. I’m really grateful for the stability and effort that you all did to make a home a better place. I’m also glad you taught me to brush my teeth, every one of them!!! This is a shocker but I will tell you something I didn’t believe it until I saw it with my own two eyes, that someone in their 20’s could have NO upper teeth at all. Well it was proven that day. Crazy, but I think they look better gums and all with no teeth at all rather than some rotten stranglers.

Today we went up to my last area (Parkersburg) for another zone’s p-day. We drove up last night so we could spend the day with Sisters Ryder and Schmidt, as well as joining the rest of the St Albans Zone for the day. We played a little b- ball and Phase 10. (That game reminds me of the time we all played it and everyone hated because they couldn’t move a head except for Danica.)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pretty statue of Christ
Trish and her huge dog(gaberial)that mauled us the other night. ( that's why i'm standing so far away.)
Trying to cut his hair
Clueless in learning "You are my sunshine"love you

Devil Eyebrows!!!

Well, we attempted to read The Book of Mormon all day Thursday. Alas, it did not come to pass. sigh : ( We got a phone call that side tracked us and instead we went over to a member's house to talk about an investigator that we are now teaching. it was a bit of a long day...But we are still trying to read The Book of Mormon before the end of the transfer by listening to it whenever we are in the apartment. So that has been working out.On Saturday we did service for Angela and Robert Dorsey. Part Member family. Every year on the 26 and 27 of May they do a fundraiser four people who need glasses and hearing aids. So Sister Glad and I headed over to the State Capitol and scooped strawberry short cake with ice cream for 4 hours! We got an assembly line going between the two of us.

She got out the cake, I scooped the ice cream, and She poured the strawberry topping on top and gave it to Phyllis for the whip cream topping and then to the customers. We stayed pretty busy the entire four hours! I got quite a bit of ice-cream on myself and she got some strawberry gunk on her...Needless to say that We got my 'fill' of strawberry short cake to last us for a very long time. But it was a lot of fun and was for a good cause. We actually saw several members of the ward and also the office couples (we have two right now)! It was a lot of fun!!! Later that evening we had horse-shoe throwing and guitar playing at the Casdorphs' home. I even managed to get one horse-shoe within a 2 inch radius of the pole! While the Elders serenaded us with a Johnny Cash song! It was all to much fun!!Sunday was missionary talk day....Well, only in regards that three out of eight missionaries in the ward spoke.( Elder Jenkins, Elder Oliverson and I.) My luck. I tried finagling out of this one but it wasn’t as easy as my Farwell talk. Ha ha. We all spoke on experiences in our youth that helped us to become the people we are today. It was neat to see how different all of our individual talks were. Elders Oliverson’s relayed his to basketball and his friends. Elder Jenkins was on the importance of family prayer.

And I talked about a couple of things like:How my family has been a huge influence on me. From day one I remember always reading scriptures at 5:45 before seminary together as a family no matter what. Even if it meant that my mom would take extra time and read after with us little kids the Book of Mormon stories editions. My parents knew how important the Sabbath was. We never missed church. Now that doesn’t’ mean we were always on time but we never missing church for any reason even when we were on vacation. This was important for me to see how essential the Sabbath Day is. We spent time with one another and had Family Home Evening. It was so natural to spend my Sabbaths for the lord and my Family. My parents taught me in a way that I never felt like I was missing out on the out side world. Being with my family was cool. I gained love and trust from spending time with them. Because of my families example all the things we should be doing came second nature. Then I shared about EFY. When I was old enough I had the privilege to go to EFY. This was never a struggle to get me to go because I knew there would be a lot of Mormon boys there. It took me totally off guard when I gain a testimony instead of a boyfriend. To look back and remember this experience brings a smile to me. We were all sitting around studying before we headed of to bed. I felt the spirit so strong as we read from JSH, I could not put the book down nor did I want to do anything but read. I wanted to read the whole book. This was so unlike me I hated to read and I never felt like I could read but this I jumped right into. I knew it was true. The spirit was too strong for me to forget. I could not believe that I had been missing out on reading the scriptures and feeling the spirit. That night I didn’t even talk to my roommate, I was too indulged with the story of Joseph Smith. And how then it finally clicked I gained my very own testimony of Joseph Smith. Then of course after high school I did what any Mormon girl would do and went to a LDS school. At BYUI I was hoping to find me a Mormon boy BUT again taken totally off guard instead of a fiancĂ© I gained a testimony of Missionary work. I t was in my BOM class. My teacher did not teach the spirit taught! He would have me coming out of class gleaming. There was one class period in particular on a Change of heart. I realized I could have a change of heart and the girl next to me could have a change of heart and it wasn’t just for the people in the scriptures but it was for us to learn and grow from. This was so exciting to me I raced home and told all my roommate and that wasn’t enough I had to go tall other people’s roommates. Emily and I talked for hours. I remember feeling the most happiness from sharing what I know to be true with others. It was the most incredible experience. I then knew I could have this same kind of feeling all the time as a missionary and that is what I wanted. And that is what is happening now. I’m sharing with others the most wonderful message of all.

Sister Glad sat in the congregation with Trisha, a new investigator of ours. She is 35 years old and has come to Church three weeks in a row! She wants to bear her testimony this coming Sunday! She's an amazing woman. She is practically deaf (50% in one ear, and 60% in the other) and can read lips REALLY well, and also signs. Luckily we have a return sister missionary who has been willing to sign throughout some of the meetings which has helped Trisha to keep up with what is going on better than she can read lips. There are a few members who speak really fast and then will look away from Trisha, and then she doesn't know what they are saying...It's pretty exciting to help her needs, but we love teaching her and seeing the changes that she wants to make in her life for the Gospel to really take root.We actually were invited to a family party on Memorial Day and we spent it with the Penningtons, which is a big family in these parts. They've been central to the Church's growth here for at least the past 50 years/more. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of laughs. WE ate a lot of shrimp!!!! And let me tell you something, they are crunchy when you leave the shell on. The Grandmother (in her 80’s) was a hoot she found out I was a beautician and asked me if I could make her beautiful because when ever she looked in the mirror she can’t see what she is doing…. So I shaped her up with some nice trimmed eyebrows. It was great. She went and told every “Look at me, now I’m beautiful!”Then we ended our Memorial Day with the Humphrey family. I gave their son, Jeremiah, a hair cut (wild child) and then Brother Humphrey taught us about Our Loving Heavenly Father. We go walking with Sister Humphery. It will be neat when they get sealed to each other.

By the way it is soooo hott here like humid hottttt. I don’t even need to put lotion on my face any more because it is sooooo humid.We had an appointment with Stephanie (21yrs old) and her friend was visiting from her home town. She's Stephanie’s age and also has a little boy, who's almost two. We spent some time with them and then found ourselves over at Maggie Moos where we each had some very yummy ice-cream! And we also bumped into Annie Ostler, a member, who works at Maggie Moos. (She decorates cakes!) She and Stephanie got to meet and talk for quite a bit. It was wonderful! We've been wanting Stephanie to meet members of the ward, and we had mentioned her to Annie before and Annie just started chatting to her. An amazing person is Annie! Now she getting some friends in the ward and it will be great. It’s important that everyone has a friend at church.

Anyhow-afterwards I shared an experience with Sister Glad... during my interview with President, he mentioned that we never know what's going to happen about 3 o'clock this afternoon...And when Stephanie and Annie met this afternoon, it was 3 o'clock. Amazing, huh?! And all because we let Stephanie talk us into going to Maggie Moos....Just really neat. A tender mercy of the Lord, reaffirming to me that He really is in charge of His work, and He allows us to be apart of it! President also said that I need to take more charge. So I have to work on that.Today has been good. We played some around the world, horse, I learned “You are my sunshine” on the guitar and I plucked sister Glad’s eyebrows...She asked me if I could help make her 'devil' eyebrows go away...I replied “Gladly”. So...they might be slightly red, but that’s normal. No more devil eyebrows for her!
Love you all,
Sister Barrand