Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yeah for a great week!

I can’t even believe it everyone is having the cutest kids ever. This letter might be short cause I was side tracked by all the cute photo’s and videos. Man it looks like tons of fun. Although I will tell you of the tons of Fun I’m having. For reals this week have been so so good. Heather has finally said yes to be baptized on Nov 25. We know it far away, but she has the right mind set and the goal in front of her. Because of her Husbands struggles we are going to praying for strength for her to endure these few years of marriage. So Jake has been a worry for awhile now and we are finally seeing some changes. He doesn’t even what to talk about J-dubs anymore, compared to that’s all he wanted to talk about. Instead of fighting and trying to prove these things to be true, his heart is softening up and he doesn’t fight us he now just wants to understand.

He came up with his own goal to come to church every week no matter what comes his way. ( which is huge for him) the spirit was there as we taught, you could feel the peace. He’s been talking about when he become a member, so that is a good sign. The only thing is, is he felt like the Elders before us force baptism on him according to there transfer time. So he wants to take his time. But thing are going really well with his Daughter Gorgine. She came to Stake Conference which was amazing I love both sessions. They were all about teaching. It makes me all excited to get out there and teach as many people as we can and to have lots of kids to teach. Sister Larsen and I have been making up song lately, our number one hit is in the making but I will tell you it is about Chastity and Repentance so until we finalize it I can give you the information. Sorry. It’s going to be good. Oh so exciting !!!! We have been wanted to meet with the Ash family for about 3 months now and we have been stopping by every once and a while been never been able to teach their son Logan. Logan is best friends with Heath Haws who just left on a mission. Now we had kinda given up on Logan cause he moved to go to school and we didn’t cover that area but in the tender Mercies of the Lord. Heath Haws was sent home for a couple of days because of mono.

Now we were able to teach Logan, Logan’s Mom (Kelly) and Logan’s little brother all about what we believe in with Heath Haws and our Heath’s newly Returned Missionary Brother David Haws (our ward Mission Leader).The Lesson was powerful with 3 missionaries and a returned missionary. You would think that all of us in there would fight over the thing to say but it was taught by the spirit and we address her interests. Oh I almost forgot to tell you instead of burning something for my year mark I chopped off my hair to be like my beautiful sisters. So that’s something I never thought I would do but I did it. I kept debating yes, no yes, no all the way until I sat in the chair. It’s crazy I know but you got to believe me on this one. Oh and there is a Sister Missionary that we just figured out that we were in the same Prom group. It was when I went to Cherry Creeks Prom with Chris Taylor. I can’t believe that we found each other out here. Oh I just love being out her and I’m so grateful for such a wonderful family and friends that lead me to be able to serve the lord.

There is a girl in the ward that was in a similar position as I was with a call and an engagement and she chose the engagement and now is going through a painful divorce with a return missionary. Needles to say it is so important to follow the Spirit. If you don’t feel good about something don’t given in thinking there is going to be a easy way out. I’m so glad I am out here, you have know idea what this mission has done for me. I Know this to be the greatest work and I know I am here for that reason. thank you for your examples.
Love you all
S. Barrand
Thanks for all the pictures. That really makes my day Congrats Dan and Dave!That baby is soooo cute.when is Marica Due?

Happy Year mark!!!

Yes it’s happy Anniversary to me!

The 13th of September is my year mark. I feel like I was in the MTC 5 months ago, and the MTC although felt like three year I look back and it feels like it was only there for a week. I love hearing about how everyone is doing. The last week of transfers always seem a lot slower for some odd reason. So our District meeting was on making the last week of the transfer a good as a 8 cow Wife. We watch the old production on Johnny lingo and compared it to how we look at our areas. The movie his so funny “Mohana you Ugly” anyways so we ventured out and prayed to find all those who were prepare we walked all over the town of bridgeport in 100 degree weather and humidity up to my eye balls.

I know I said that it has cooled down but I was way wrong it did the opposite the day that we walked all around only to come home for a meal to a steaming hot apartment (our air conditioner broke). But we had a great time as a goal of gaining 10 new investigators and accomplish gaining 2 new potential investigators. I really felt like I was in a third world country serving the lord, getting that hot and sweaty talking to the people out side. You know as soon as we got into the sauna (apartment) we lost the wet clothes and laid in front of the fans until it was time to go back out. It was a blast. We had really neat experience we went out to Grafton as usually on Friday and meet with Jake Kroll ( a Jehovah witness) this lesson usually contain him saying he knows a lot and him talking about the JW. The lesson we had with him was the worst lesson we have ever had and we got absolutely no where.

We brought a member and we all we really frustrated to the point that we would reach across the table and shake some listening skills into Jake. All we wanted was for him to come to the baptism to feel the spirit, cause he had such a hard time keeping his month shut. We all left in a annoyance. The most wonderful thing happened Jake was there at the baptism with his daughter. He told us that we made him really think about how he need to take his salvation seriously so he came. The baptism was amazing everything that was said was for Jake and his daughter, the talks were truly inspired word and the spirit was powerful. Jake loved it and he said he felt at home in the building. He also got to talk with President Cowley and felt his love and spirit from him. Jake could stop talking about how good he felt and how you could just tell that we are called of God.

I t was music to my ears to hear this come out of Jake’s mouth. President had been hearing about Jake for about a year now from all the missionary that have taught him and he calmed the nerves of Jake and told him not to fight it. It was prefect, which is what Jake needed to hear. Jake’s concern was that he’s too old to be baptize (he is only 64) but after talking to President Cowley, Jake wanted to meet with us more often. Well as you can see Sister Larsen and I will be serving in Bridgeport for our third transfer and I’m happy about that.I love this Gospel and I loving reading Jesus the Christ. What a loving heavenly Father we have to provide us with a way back into his presents.
Love you all
Sister Barrand

"God borned us here"

Really neat experience with searching, pondering and praying about an investigator, after much of this , during my studies I came to see exactly what I needed to do for Jake Kroll. Since Jake is a big talker and always get off subject, we wrote him a letter for him to read out loud. It had our testimonies, his testimony (or at least what he has told us), and some pondering question , that will determine his progression. It was amazing how the spirit took over and we could feel the spirit that strong as he read it.I love tailoring the lesson to the people.

The other night I shared a thought with the Chesler and new family from Utah that just moved here a couple weeks ago. You could tell the 15 year old daughter had a Laman and Lemuel attitudes for taking her away from Cheerleader and her friends in Utah. I shared the message of Lehi and his family traveling in the wilderness and compared it to them and think this one hit home for them and the dad came up to me later and thanked me for the lesson. The spiritual thoughts the missionaries give to the members are just as important and should be taken so lightly. We think that active member don’t need up lifting but we all need more.

I’m glad we get to teach the active members as well. You should all read your Pat Blessing more often. I read Moroni 7 and Pat Blessing this morning found a lot of similarities.Oh we did this street presentation at this Italian Festival and it was that productive because everyone was enjoying the festival and they didn’t want to be preached at. There were a lot of them who dodged us completely. We kind of went into this knowing the outcome but hoping fr the best, we had all these supplies like movies and book and not a single one was handed out. The only thing that they would take is the pass along cards.So we were tracking the other day and ran into Joe Romeo that had a lot of interesting stories about being saved in jail. I think our favorite lines were (as he waved his arms all around) “ God borned us here” and “ I was a Bad Girl…Oh I mean Boy.”Oh there is some real fun character here I just wish you could meet them all
Love you all (so does Larry)
Sister Barrand

Jesus the Christ

Hey familia

This week we had another sister join us for a day cause she has served her whole mission in Sissonville so far (sister Anderson has been there for 14 months) and she will probably stay there. But we had fun there. She brought with her a referral from another area for us in Bridgeport. The neat part about is that the elder had ran into her before and also gave us her information. So in the past two weeks she has been getting referred to us. We had already set up an apt. with her and it happened to be on the day Sister Anderson was here. Sister Anderson was so excited.

Crystal I guess forgot and she missed her apt. so we have to catch her at another time. We actually probably looked like stalkers cause she never told us her address but we got it from sister Anderson and we went over there to make an apt and we couldn’t tell if she was swimming in her pool in her back yard or not and we were there the day before so it just looked really from her point of view. But to be honest with you it’s not that awkward cause we will be transferred some time. With Sister Anderson we also when up to Grafton cause we always go up to Grafton on Fridays.

Grafton is a small town with only one light. We pretty much hate it there because nothing good has ever come out of it. So we set up one day to be there to do service and teach a couple of our investigators. Well we started teaching Brittany who in about 17 and was friends with some less-actives but it was so hard to teach with the spirit with three sisters with so many distractions. She had a friend there and together they were babysitting three little kid so they would interrupt as they pleased. Plus she didn’t seem to happy about the whole gospel blesses families because she hates her dad and her mom keeps going to jail and she is the only one that catches a bus in Grafton to go to church. One of our part member investigators was more then willing to receive a priesthood blessing when we offered. She has been to the hospital for her back because she has two bulging disks. The neat thing about this blessing was not the fact that it said she would be healed but that she could continue on being the strong mother that she is. I’m sure it you don’t understand blessing people expect what they want to hear. But in reality it what your Father in Heaven wants you to hear and it night not even relate to exactly what is going on.

I so glad we have that ability to call on a worthy priesthood holder in times of healing, comfort and direction. They are amazing and powerful gifts from God. So we have been having some struggles with one of our investigator on keeping commitment and not ditching out on us. Heather is married to a member but he is trying to bring her with him. He is making a lot of damaging mistakes that is effecting their marriage and her chance to progress in the gospel. You would think he would be a help but he is being an opposition. We had a great talk with her about being the example for her husband and to get council from the bishop. She finally made the call and now has the bishop involved which shows she is humbled enough to receive help.

Oh have I’ve been enjoying my studies I’m learning so much from the Scriptures and the amazing book Jesus the Christ. Jesus the Christ just paints more of a picture and goes into great detail. Recently I’ve studied about Jesus asking for the water at the well to the Samarian. Or as Dad like to Fraise it “Women in the Well” Just like Nicodemus the women missed the spiritual lesson Christ was teaching. Also about the Ten Virgins and how prepared we truly need to be. And how in D&C 45:56 Joseph receive revelation that this prophesies will come true. I’m just finding so many neat things in Jesus the Christ. That monster book that I was told I would
never be able to understand but oh how I Love it now!! He he.

Oh I do have to tell you that I got to scare my companion so well this week. I hid in her bed while she was putting her month guard in and turned on my recorder and jumped out of her bed before her eyes had adjusted. It was a blood curdling scream that lasted for a long time. We both get really scared easily but think it’s the most funniest to listen to us being scared on the recorder. We have two scaring incident on the recorder and we listen to them every night and laugh for forever even to the point tears come out. Oh the life.
Love you all
Sister Barrand