Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hip Hip

Talofa Lava… that means hello in Samoan
Well this companionship is going great and we are making a lot of progress. We were to meet with the Stiltners that we found two months ago. Cute family. He almost didn’t let us in cause he thought we were trying to convert him and he was going to stick to his church. But we got in and talked about eternal families and the three kingdoms, cause he had always been wondering about good people that don’t get baptized. I have to let you know that Noah just walked into the library. Sorry that was random.Over dinner Sunday we kind of got into a heated discussion over dinner with sister Kirby’s nonmember husband. He talked about how he would hate to live for eternity with his family cause he can’t even stand them now. It was pretty sad to have their daughter who is a member also agreeing that she is suck with her x-husband cause she is getting out of a messy divorce.

On the Sunday Sister Montgomery taught our lesson in Relief Society. She is the most entertaining person to watch. Her lesson was on repentance. She said “Repentance is like your behind, just leave it behind.”Pam Saheem (old referral) was having a hard time and we were able to give her an Ensign and some up lifting articles to read.This week we got a hold of Shavon (she had ordered a BOM) She was kind of avoiding us for a while and not showing up for our appointments. However this week she said that she got the assignment for the semester to research Mormonism. So we will be giving her a whole bunch of great stuff and the rest of the lessons. Hip hip Hurray. We taught her lesson two and she said that she would pray about it. She is a big timer into the bible, like knows it back and forth. Shavon is on the Radford University Girls Basketball team. I think that we will be able to go support her this Saturday at one of her games. She is also coming to Thai Chi at the church this Thursday. We will be attending to learn some self-defense moves for scary men that look into our window and to let our investigator know that we are normal.We do service at the library and the Clothing bank. Entering obituaries data into the computer is great fun when we get to talk to all the people that sit by us and read the 1965’s jokes (they don’t make any sense, and not funny at all.)

I’m so proud of Don he is being such a member missionary and blessing other lives. I’m glad to here that things are going well there. I pray for you all everyday. There is a lady in the ward that served a mission and knows how much time doing your laundry take so in return I will do her hair. I can’t tell you how much I love this work and the people here. As I was studying in Alma on: change of heart. I was reminded of my freshman year in my Book of Mormon class when my teacher taught about “ Change of heart”. I had one of my own changes. I went to all my roommates and the girls above me and taught them. That was the greatest feeling. And know I get that feeling everyday where I can share this gospel and feel true happiness. I’m so lucky to have had such a wonderful family who were loving examples to me. You all have been so good to me and I am so privileged to be apart of this family.Alofa Atu….Love you
Sister Barrand

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