Thursday, June 21, 2007


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We started our week with a yard sale for Brenda Early, the dearest lady ever who also happens to be deaf. (I think I've mentioned her before to you.) The original thought was that we would stay for an hour or two, and then someone else in the ward would come over and help talk to people...Alas the best plans often go awry don't they? We ended up doing the yard sale from about 11am til 4pm. It was a VERY bright sunny day and my 'freckles' definitely popped out a lot more that day. But we were able to sale quite a few items, things we didn't even IMAGINE would sell...Like old lingerie. I know. What didn't sell we took over and donated to Heart and Hand. Brother Gene Pennington in the ward came over and helped us take all of the items, since Brenda's car is not currently working in any way, shape, or form.Sister

Judy Clarke's got baptism on Sunday. It was a wonderful memorable occasion. The Spirit was so strong and overflowed our hearts. I remember right after I was baptized the water was warm but as soon as I got out of the fount it was cold until Celeste or Danica wrapped a towel around me then I felt the warmth of my savior and knew that I was following my savior. We were able to wrap the towel around Sister Clarke and let her feel her savior’s love. She stood there in her wet dripping cloths expressing her tender feelings.

Telling us how different this baptism was then another one she had previously had. We all know that because of the authority we have here on the earth that was restored by Joseph Smith. She just couldn’t stop smiling, it seriously was from ear to ear.There was a Jehovah's Witness Convention held for three days downtown Charleston. On Sunday we were able to attend for a little bit. It was definitely was not General Conference. It was different when they clapped every 5 minutes. But some of the speakers had interesting things to say...On e of them did a Freudian and slip and said “ bla bla bla…. and this Great Confusion ….bla bla bla…” Whoops I think he meant Convention. And did you know that they have an invincible Leader? It was weird because they some good thing to say but it was allover the place and they were defiantly miss a big part.

There were a lot more then I thought about 2,500. I’m grateful for the gospel.Stephanie is doing well-she is going to pray about setting a baptismal date! The Elders will be teaching her and Nathan from now on. (That good bye was pretty hard.)Transfers were this week and both Sister Glad and I have been transferred out of South Charleston. As a matter of fact, we actually closed our area to Sister Missionaries- Media office, for the future. It’s sad. But…. I’m once again opening an area up to sister in Bridgeport West Virginia. My new companion is Sister Larsen and we live in the biggest apartment in our mission. It above a funeral home!! Crazy, I know.

The funny part is the Elders said they cleaned it really well but I don’t think they know that you actually have to vacuum or whip off the counters at lest to call it cleaning. It was nasty. Oh and smells like urine but its all good. I really am excited to be opening it to sister I had a lot of fun in Radford with that and I already love my new comp. She is quarter Japanese so now we are really going to be asked if we are sister.I must be a horrible companion because I’m on my eighth companion and I’ve only been out 9 month. I asked President how many companion I was going to have and he said he was going to try to get me a new one every three weeks. Ha ha.I’ve been have some great studies. Found out that we all have a new tougue…if you read from 2 Nephi 31 & 32 and from Elder Holland’s talk (Tongue of an angel). You will find that you have one also.

Love you all-Sister Barrand

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