Thursday, March 13, 2008

PMG= Hot Cakes

Teaching kids is always fun. We got to teach Stevi’s girls that she is watching, the lesson was on how you can made a good Sundae (Sunday) using ice cream as going to church, banana as partaking the sacrament, Chocolate for spending time with family, and the sprinkles as prayer. This lesson worked so well that every time Wynter says a prayer she reminds Stevi that she get a sprinkle. Wynter is 5 almost 6yrs and staying with Stevi temperlarily, sometimes Wynter gets mixed up and call us the social workers instead of the Sister Missionaries.

Zone Conference was really good. All the newer missionaries were call on to teach us all. Sister Hill taught the Atonement and invited the spirit with a smile so well. From that I learned that I need to teach with a smile. Sometimes you just get so caught up with all the other details you forget to do it with a smile.This last little bit we have been handing out PMG provided by the ward out like hot cakes. We are sharing with the members and less actives how important they are and how PMG is for them as well. They seem pretty excited.We went to see Jackie our investigator in the Play “The Secret Garden” and them middle school and high school day came flood’n back. All I have to say is Celeste you are amazing and you were an awesome Lilly and Potifers Wife.

Actually I was waiting for this Lilly to run backwards into something like you did. But I was sadly disappointed. We have had some really good things happen since we have been going to the high school plays. We planned it out when we saw Joseph and the amazing technical color dream coat last week it would be on the night Lenora O’Brien would be there and we could get to introduce her to some members. The show was disastrous but we got Lenora to meet the members. At Secret Garden we meet Jackie’s Step Mom and she was pretty pleasant and we finally meet Blake. Blake is pretty hostile toward the church. He mentioned that he mother said when he turned 18 he could stop going and that’s exactly what he did. We got to get him to read and pray about Joseph Smith. He also agreed to come to church if we went to a different High School’s play. We made the deal but he didn’t show up to church. Everyone was shocked that he actually agreed to go to church, but now we can see why.The Elders mistakenly gave us a media referral that they thought was in our area. We taught / discussed with Jeff and his wife.

Well you could say we politely listened to him tell us that we were going to Hell if he is right and if we are right they are going to one of our heavens. They were very worried about our salvation. This experience was interesting it did not shake my faith in Jesus Christ at all it only made it more apparent that this is the true church and we need a prophet. This guy was an expert of man’s interpretations. Every point that he made rang no truth to me. This whole man’s goal was to get us in there and trick us into thinking that he is interested in what we have to say but turn it around and condemn us to Hell. He told us that the study of religion was a hobby, but depicted every single thing we testified of. We got out as soon as we could and told the Elders they can deal with him if they want. We are fighting now. Just kidding.

I didn’t think it was that bad but it was sister Hill first experience with someone that wanted to bash, so it was a lot to take in.For District Meeting we organized or tried to organize a fire side but there was a whole bunch of options, ideas and feeling and frankly we were getting nowhere until I pulled out the reflective listening. It really works! Thanks to mom our district knows the two fundamentals of life 1. Reflective listening and 2. Split ten!We had a family invite us out to dinner the other night to teach their friend. They warned us of his flirtatious skills, but when we met him he didn’t say anything. He seemed very nervous to meet with us. The encounter with him was similar to the one with Jeff, in the sense that he was talking almost the whole time. But different because I think he really wanted answers, and didn’t just want to ‘save us’. He obviously had had a hard childhood, and a not so good dad. I think maybe he had a lot of anger towards God, but that He is also searching for something more in His life. He doesn’t live in our mission, so we got his name and address, and sent the missionaries to his home, who had just tracted into to him and he shewed them away. Coincidence? I think not.

We have a new investigator that we found tracting. Tom Coleman opened the door right away to us. He knew we had to be good because we are wearing the name of Jesus Christ. We finally got to have lesson one with him. He was so exciting he was on the edge of his seat the whole time. He even asked what Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ told Joseph when they appeared to him. He couldn’t even wait. He liked and thought ever thing we share was really neat. He liked the fact that we were on missions not to get gain or tally up all the people we talk to but that we have true desire to teach and serve the Lord. He was a little worried when we were getting his phone number that we were getting something worldly out of it. I was more than happy to say that this work is all volunteer and we desire the salvation of other souls. I’m so thankful for this privilege to serve.I love serving with Sister Hill she’s such a great teacher an amazing companion.
Love you all
Sister Barrand
Can you ask bishop what he wants me to speak on

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