Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hey All

CONGRATULATIONS! Austin I’m so excited. Did you know I guess Canada? You can even ask my companion. Now we have severed as a family in a big circle!
Ok well Kevin is out of the picture for now. He told his roommate Mike that he didn’t want to meet with us anymore. Sad we think he’s just not ready yet, he got to scared cause he felt the spirit so strong. His girlfriend is the most important person in his life now. We taught Laura Hull again and she is all excited to learn more and we have to wait till January 8th when she comes back from break to teach her the last lesson. She will pray about a baptism date over the break. She is progressing and loving this gospel, it amazing how it can bless your life. She got really sick though and is going home to receive a blessing from her boyfriends dad. We know and she know that Satan is not happy that she is progressing and will do anything to stop her. But she is way to strong and won’t give up. We got a new investigator Shavon and taught her lesson one, but haven’t been able to get a hold of her recently. It so sad that it is so hard to meet with these people sometimes. The lesson went excellent. I felt it was probably the best lesson we have ever taught. The Christmas dinner was pretty good except the two young women singing Santa baby suggestively, when we had two investigators there. Ronnie Dalton ( which we have to give to the Elders cause he lives in there area now, sad ( our only adult investigator)! Josh Mompower who is best friends with a less Active Jason Dobbins who enjoyed the dinner and who we taught. He had read 10 chapters the first night we gave him the book of Mormon. The next time we saw him he wanted us to quiz him on the chapters. Oh I we had the worst food the other day it was….. a ten year old piece of reeses pieces. It was the grossed thing ever. Both sis Q and I were so grossed out.

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