Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Christmas

Hey all,
I wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas. I won't be able to check this until after Christmas so I hope you have a great one. Thank you so much for the brithday cards and present,they were great. you make me feel so loved. I guess that i will be having a member call on the 25th to see if that is the day you will all be there.
What a great week. Have I ever told you guys that I love being on a mission? Oh I thought of two more things I would absolutely love
Calendar of Christ
CD- Nashville tribute to Joseph Smith.
We went to the mall for p-day. It felt really weird being in there. If you know me and shopping, if I get rushed or I don’t get enough time try it out I end up returning it right away. Well you can all guess what happened I returned it. We rushed over to give a member a haircut after we were done shopping. Well I had one of the most memorable birthdays thinking of others and not myself. We had the tastiest breakfast at a member’s home with a less active and our Zone Leader (Elder Tautatoli and Elder Marshall). The less-active told of her conversion story and how much the missionaries meant to her in her life. I love hearing how this gospel blesses them and everyone who allow Christ and his Atonement to become the most important aspect in their lives. The zone leader’s gave me all the goodies that were in their apartment cause they are on a no sugar diet. They also put a bow on our car and said they got us a new car. Ha ha it was funny. That night we went to a relief society Christmas dinner. A couple of less actives showed up and felt welcomed. It was good to hear some of their favorites scriptures and why. I made me think of the whole book and how I can’t pick a favorite one cause they are all so good. My scriptures are becoming very colorful! After that we raced over to Josh Mompower’s (new investigator that read 10 chapters, also friends with Jason Dobbin) apartment. He had there a cobbler that he bought for us to celebrate. This Josh guy is a funny character. He’s very gun ho about the army and is training to go back, but very kind and polite using words like yes mam. There was only one problem; there were no candles to put in the cobbler. But him being creative put some hand sanitizer on the top of his fingers. The liquid was very liquidy and ran down and burnt his fingers. Josh didn’t give up and tried it with a glove. This birthday I blew out three lit fingers instead 22 candles. Very West Virginian! P.S. I know I’m in Virginia but if anyone does anything stupid here they say “ Very West Virginian!”
We were able to meet with the Bishop’s son Mike Skidmore. We are working praying, reading and quitting smoking. He is down to 3 cigs a day. P.S. everyone here smokes! No joke! Its hear for him cause he lives and works with smokers.
We finally got to track part of Tenth Street, a street that looked very desirable to missionaries. They first four doors we were rejected pretty hard core with flying hands and voices raising. The only man that was Christ like and actually nice to us was a ‘born again Atheist’ and didn’t even believe in Christ. He wished us good luck in our journey and we went on our way to find more people.
Rob Zisette( ward member) played in a Christmas program from another church. It was fun to see and listen to the choir gospel music. They were shouting and clapping for Jesus. We got some people there that we will be visiting later
Christmas Zone conference was awesome. President Cowley gave us all West Virginia Charleston Mission pins. We all came up with skit in our zone and performed them for the southern half of the mission. Some of the skits were a bit odd. Most of us didn’t know what was going on, but knowing how much time we were given we could understand why. Well in our zone they gave all the responsibility to us sisters. So Sister Quinton and I had to think of a skit for our zone of 12 missionaries and a senior couple. We did a little synchronize swimming act to Carol of the bells. It was hilarious! All of us had swimming gear over our proselyting clothes and jumped into the pool (blue sheets) and swam together. Then realizing that we are not suppose to be in the water, ripped off the swimming gear and starting ringing doorbells. It was a good one we heard chuckling from President and Sister Cowley.We then got all the letter and gift that you all had sent awhile ago for the christmas message. Thank you sooooooo much, they were great. i loved reading about everthing.
Mom- that was the most thoughtful, cutest card ever
Dad- that was so caring to remember all thoses things
Austin- thanks for being an example to me
Celeste- thanks for the letter and long round package underneath my Christmas tree
Danica- i loved the letter and the family Picture! and i'm not Stubborn!
Bryce- thanks for saying happy brithday to me
Grandpa and Grandma- thanks so much for the brithday card, Christams letter and the gifts, i love them !!!
Love you all
Sister Barrand

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