Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter!

Hey there
Man you two are so lucky to be able to work at the temple. Dad you’re a stinker! Elder Barrand still believes that you are injured! The only April’s fool that we got was the elders called sister Ryder in the morning and said the prophet had died. I t didn’t last to long sister Ryder caught on real quick. Yea so I had dinner over at the Wilson’s and their daughter Hillary starts talking about her missionary serving in Colorado, it’s Elder Elliot and I hope your taking care of him, cause her families is taking care of me. We had a great chat about mission experiences with her dad. And no they did not feed me any more squirrel. I know you should have seen me eat that squirrel, or even better yet watching one of the Elder’s not being able to eat the squirrel. At least I ate it and didn’t say anything about it to them.
Oh dad I told my comp about where you grew up and she said she goes shopping there she is from Kelowna, the Okanagan Valley. The only thing different about her is that she says “Beg” instead of “Bag” which I think I do also, “mum” instead of “Mom” and when we are driving says “turn right at the lights” instead of “ turn right at the light”. But beside that she is a great missionary and we have the same goals, so work goes very smoothly. The place is a lot bigger than Radford around 45,000 compared to Radford of 12 or 15 thousand. So I’m bound to find more here to accept this gospel. We are working with three sisters right now Remy 25, Angela 23, and Teresa 22. They are all making progress in their own little ways. They do have a 17-year-old sister that got baptized when she was 11. But these three sisters live pretty close to each other and have there own interesting lives. Angela read the BOM in two weeks and knows the book is true and know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. Although we are working on helping her recognized the spirit she believe she not and Man or Woman but more of an “it”. She says her self that she is different than anyone that you will ever meet.
Well we prayed that Teresa would be ok after going into the hospital for over dosing and that she could make it to General conference the next day we walk into the church building and there Teresa is with mike a friend of hers ready to watch General Conference with us. I was amazing that she came. She really thought it was neat to hear how many members and temples were all around the world. She also enjoyed and agreed with all the talks like Richard G. Scott’s on Prayer and Jeffery R Holland’s on Tongues of an Angel.
I too enjoyed General Conference, it was even greater knowing that there was some that tried to end there life last night that was sitting next to me, that also was there enjoying the words of the Prophet and apostles. Wow what a powerful experience of deep sincere humble prayers. In all the talks I felt the warm comforting love of my Heavenly Father threw the spirit. It was a great way to spend some time with our investigator. Teresa later had on a smoking patch to quit smoking. Although it did not last long she knows she is able to do so. We read about Enos and how he prayed for his brethren, She didn’t understand why the Lamanites were continuing in wickedness. We shared with her we continue in sin today and that is why we need the atonement. She made the connection that the “lamanites” relay to us today and we all need to work on repentance. Just like Russell M. Nelson talked about a full repentance it’s a complete conversion.
And as for James E. Faust talked about the power of Forgiveness, we all need to listen and abide to these teaching because we know where they are coming from. Just wanted to let you all know how privilege we are that we all know that are Savior and Redeemer lives and we are able to celebrate not only on the Sabbath but every single day. Christ was resurrected. Who’s on the lord’s Side? I am! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter.
P.S. How did the bunny hopped into this glorious day anyways?
Love Sister BarrandO p.s. could you get me thoses adresses of the other missionaries?
p.p.s. I liked the cucumber talk, but all i could think about is how gross pickles were!!

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