Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I have the best family Ever

Well we are working hard and seeing the results. We taught the most lessons out of our whole zone. That’s pretty neat to say when you’re a sister missionary. Sister Ryder and I always seem to notice how by being obedient we can feel the spirit stronger.

Easter was great we had Angela show up with her mom. Angela has some social problems ( and some more) so she stuck around us. She feels like the roles in the LDS are unfair. We prayed for her and wanted some of her underlining questions answered. As we were sitting there in Sunday school the lesson was on Family Responsibilities. It was perfect. She was really intrigued so we let her barrow the Gospel Principles book and went or the next day and she had read half of the book. She understands but feels like she is not suppose to raise a family under her disabilities. Her mom has some mental problems and doesn’t want her kid to turn out like her own family. It was sad and emotional with both Angela and Remy (sisters).

They both told us that we were so lucky to grow up in the circumstance of an organized family in the gospel. We had them read from the Strength of Youth pamphlet. We all disused how wonderful life would have been to have learned simple guild lines in their youth. Even as simple as using appropriate language or not smoking or drinking. I guess this just really made me think how incredible grateful I am for the choices that have been made and how blessed we are to have such wonderful siblings, parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on and so forth. This gospel really does bless families and it all starts within the walls of our own homes. It reminds me of Nephi and how he was born of goodly parents and how I was born of goodly parents. Who taught me everything I needed to know to have eternal happiness, you diffidently did your responsibility. I am eternally grateful for you all. Man my heart is swelling with love for my family right now.

That reminds me that when Laura got baptized/confirmed she said her heart was warm but that she was cold. The other day in District meeting Elder Poulton was reading from 3 Nephi 11 and for some reason those scriptures as he was reading them hit me so hard that my whole chest was burning and the rest of my body was freezing cold. It was the strongest feeling of knowing that my Savior came and those people heard his voice. I felt so warm for the rest of the day. For anyone not to feel that confirmation of the Holy Ghost is unaware and should search with inside themselves to be aware. Cause not everyone has been confirmed with the gift of the Holy Ghost. But don’t you worry we are working on that.

Well on the other hand those same elders, left opened hidden cans of smelly sardines to rot in our apartment. Man it doesn’t feel like I’m severing with a whole bunch of teenager at all. At lunch as a district and I was the oldest one there. One of the Elder said I had a gray hair (which I don’t) and that I was old. Man I’m getting old and Fat. Oh don’t you even think for a second that just because I’m a missionary that I don’t care if I’m gaining weight and getting old, cause I still do.I love you all and appreciate all of you writing me

Love Sister Barrand

Thank you so much for the Easter Packages. I receive a lot of marshmallow bunnies, which blow up quiet nicely in the microwave. Oh and some great Matrix shampoo and conditioner (so thoughtful).

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