Friday, December 07, 2007


Yeah thats deer heart i'm eating Sister Labenne and Me Snowy Bridgeport
The Ice cream Cake for my B-day. don't ask me why he has my first name on it. Ok I'll tell you. Brad Ford is like an anoying older brother.

Crazy I'm in a new area, in Lynchburg Virginia that means I’m at a new Library that will not kick me off and I’m able to send pictures again. Yeah!!! That means you can still send pictures to me. But no showing up.ya hear!I want to let you know that it was real hard to leave Bridgeport but I’m glad I’m here. I think I have grown the most out of my whole mission from serving in Bridgeport and serving with Sister Larsen. I can even begin to tell you how amazing she was. It was also really hard to say goodbye to a best friend.

At least I know I will see her in Utah in a few months. She had set such an amazing example of a extraordinary missionary that I hope I carry to my future areas. Sister Larsen and I never fought once. I t was the best. We both loved teaching together and were on the same page. I never had to worry about anything that was coming out of her month. I knew that everything would be missionary appropriate and what they needed to hear. As Jake and Sue say she was the peach and I was the plum. I wanted to be a Pear but Sue thought other wise. It was real hard to say goodbye to all the wonderful people there. It was a totally surprise to me that I was leaving. So on the last Sunday everyone knew Larsen was going but we didn’t expect that I would be leaving as well. Sister Hatch had only been there for 6 week and that is a big difference to 6 month with the same two sisters. The sisters in the ward through and little lunch together for sister Larsen Leaving at our favorite place Panera and killed two birds with one stone and called it visit teaching.

Brad Ford our Land Lord/ Funeral Director was heart broken and we were as well. He also threw together a little something. It was a party for Lars and I with pizza and Ice cream Cake(my favorite, for my B-day). It got a little teary eye you can say that we became really close to the people here. It was also hard to say good bye to the Krolls. But hopefully I will be able to see them baptized in Feb. This area was my favorite Bishop. Bishop Haw’s wife would always try to marry us off to her Boys. It didn’t work that well. She said at least get married and come back and live in Zion. She was a hoot. All these people are hoot. Transfers were long it was Snowing and it looked like Colorado. I t took two hours to get to transfer. There I had to say good bye to Lars and Get back with Sister Ryder for a five hour drive to Lynchburg. The snow was real fluffy. I already like this area. It seams so much more established and well kept.
My new apartment is just two rooms basically. It a big difference when you come from the palace of the funeral home. I actually don’t think I mind one bit. Everything is closer I can take one step from the bathroom to our bedroom, five from our bedroom to the Kitchen/living room and another five to the front room. I’m glad to be serving with Sister Ryder again. She made me feel real good last night after one lesson saying that I have changed for the better. Of course I don’t really see that but I feel a lot more comfortable teaching. It’s pretty neat what you can pick up from great companions!I’m excited to meet new people and share my love with them.

My New Address is
1192 Homestead Gardens Court #3
Forest, VA 24551
( doesn’t that sound ritzy!)

Love you all so muchSister BarrandP.S. I still don’t know if you received my picture for the family picture?P.P.S. Oh and I didn’t do much better than Austin with not opening the presents. I waited at least 4 days. Except one gift that I’m going to save for my Birthday or Christmas. I had to open them for the comps (they really wanted to know). They were great gift though, just what the doctor ordered.

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