Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Well sound like you all had a great time for Thanks Giving. I did as well. Different members feed us for lunch, dinner and dessert. I paced myself so I would get overloaded. So we got a lot of leftovers and we are still working on them. We went around the table and said what we are thankful for of course and I mentioned that I was thankful for my family and Being on a mission. Being on a mission has given me an opportunity to grow and learn in the gospel, which I’m especially thankful for. A knowledge of a everlasting perfect

Plan for us has got to be the best. Although I get down sometime, I never regret this decision. This truly is the best thing I can be a part of. Actually Austin’s letter helped me out. I’ve been going through some weak moments and Austin’s letter was really uplifting and inspired me to. He said exactly what I needed and I’ve been doing soooo much better. This week we taught Shannon Kellie about the Youth Standard and we are helping her out and going to try and find some modest clean cut clothes for her. She is kind of into the whole gothic look so this might be fun.

The Krolls, Jake and Sue are doing well we have a big hold up with Sue’s smoking. Until she has a desire she can’t really quit and progress. And it seems that it’s holding back Jake as well. But they sure do seem tons happier and they are all about reading. We are disappointed in them for not coming to church because they had to cut up a deer, but Jake gave us the deer heart to eat to make up for not coming to church. He really doesn’t understand the whole process but he get it soon. Sister Larsen was all about dissecting that heart before we eat it. She going to be a nurse so she likes that kind of stuff. It will be fun to watch on our P-day activties. Actually this will be our last P-day together because she goes back home to Utah next week. I’m really sad about that whole situation. Bridgeport will not be the same. We have been here together for 6 months and I think I might cry.

Last week for p-day we went into a Ghost tunnel with the senior Couple Elder and Sister Appel. The scary part was Sister Appel jumping out of the wall. Speaking of ghosts for Gospel Principle our lesson was on ghosts, not the Holy Ghost but ghosts, goblins and elves. Luckily we did not have any investigator there for there first time scared out of their minds but we did have 2 recent convert there. Totally inappropriate for Gospel Principals, but what can you do?

The short had to reschedule again last week but we will have a great lesson this week. We meet some crazy people while tracking this week. Some of the best door slams on my whole entire mission. One of them were a little bit Satanist and screaming some Santanist things and the other just looked at us, laughed and slammed the door. I’m with Austin with tracking, Sometimes you just got to do it.

There was a part member family that we were teaching the wife and the RM husband wasn’t the best example and in courage her to learn her own religion first before she studies with us. So we had kind of dropped her but I this clear impression that we needed to go ove there. Surprsing they were both home and we could have lesson with them. We found out some pretty deep reason why he stopped going to church. I t was the most productive lesson we have ever had with them and Brooke the wife was helping us out and explaning our religion to him. It was pretty cool.

Love you all

Sister Barrand

Mom do you think you could send my hair license, I only need the little copy. I’m also wondering if you opened the boxed that had your name on them because there is a letter for you in that and the clothes that need to be returned

As for the date of my release I’m going to be extending until April 10, 2008. I’m going to assume that we still live in the same house; we attend the Falcon Ward and the same Highlands Ranch Stake, with the same Stake President?

Wait is Danica moving to Huston? i want to see that baby!

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