Thursday, January 10, 2008


White Elephant Exchange with Lexinton Zone. I recived soem sunglasses and an angel with no hands. Lynchburg District Meeting Marica i think you might have some competition56- would you believe i won with 186? out of all them Missionaries?

Mahana you Ugly!!

As you can tell we got to watch the new Johnny Lingo with Sister Pare at the Bishop home. It was a way good thing because she has been so distant from most members it was just so good to have her be in a home that she can feel the spirit. I would have to say that the kiss was a little to much for me though. I had to put my hand in front of my eyes.So Thursdays is our planning day and I was calling some people and finally got a hold of this investigator Mary-Alice that hasn’t been taught in a long time. She reluctantly agreed for us to come over that night. We planned on watching a DVD but when we got over there was no DVD player.

That is when I knew that our lesson was by the spirit because she really opened up and was appreciate for us to teach her. She even wanted a blessing from brother Budge and brother Seeburger for comfort. She felt the heavy burdens lifted off and that felt light.Kathy Robbinson the investigator that has a baptism date really clicked with Sister Stitt and the lesson she really opened up and said her first vocal prayer.

I love that. She didn’t even fight it this time.I had been praying that we would find Jerry at the library and be able to teach him cause it seems like we could never get a hold of him because of his crazy work schedule. But we went and he was there. He helped us take down the Christmas tree for our service there. And then as we taught him he wrote down all the scriptural references. Not many people do that here.Ok so I have a confession I like to discuss things and maybe question them or figure them out. So I like to discuss this with other missionaries and sometimes I’m not satisfied with the answer and I have to go some where else. But you see the elders give me a hard time.

So I have all these things that I would love to talk to you all about. Some people might think this would question my faith and that is not correct at all. I just would like an answer if there is one, but if there is no answer I am fine. There is no way I could ever deny the change that has gone inside me. I have a firm unshakable testimony in our Savior and his perfect Church. I know by keeping the commandments we can find that peace that our Father in Heaven has in store for us. I have personal feel the power of answered prayers and forgiveness. I love the Book of Mormon. I know that this one book can change someone’s life for the better. I am astonished of the endurance and strife Joseph Smith went through. I know that he did it for the Lord and that is why he could not be broken or stopped. What an amazing prophet he is. Oh how ever grateful I am that we have had living prophet and will until the time of Christ. I love the spirit and I will stand on top of the mountain if that what it takes to feel the spirit. But I know I have the choice to act for myself and not to be acted upon. And gift is from our Loving Heavenly Father.

I Love you all
Sister Barrand

p.s. I’m so sorry that you miss your flight, but I’m glad you still got to do something with the family. And Mom is exactly right, now you can plan a trip for us little kids!One more thing... Dad is that drawn on hair on your Chest? mom did you have any say in that?

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Gaylari said...

I have stumbled across your blog somehow and was interested as I served in the WVCM. I saw in this post that you were with sister Karen Pare. I LOVE HER!!! I taught her and would love so dearly for her to be active again. I wish there was something I could say or do to help her get to that point. The only thing that has ever really helped her is whenever I ask her when she was happier... now or back when she was active. She'll usually change the subject.
I'm sure this is a crazy thing to get a comment from me but I just had to leave one. I was Sis. Muhlestein. (aka Muhle to karen)
Karen is a BOMBSHELL member missionary when she was active. She just needs to remember how strong her testimony was. Ask her about the Moroni dream if she hasnt already told you!!!