Saturday, January 19, 2008

My tenth Comp, Sister Peck

What happened? are you all still having fun? I didn’t get any mail from ya again. This week Sister Ryder said her goodbyes as we through her a going away party. It was a little secret and she had no idea how much the ward loved her. When we drove up to the Beasley’s home with all the member cars out side she flipped out and said the this was the nicest thing anyone has done for her. I picked up my new companion Sister Peck. This transfer I’m the greenie breaker. She an amazing missionary already she had a great trainer so we are all ready to work really hard. She is from Payson Utah and comes from a family of 5 kids. And she will not ever wear the color pink. So this might be a goal to make her a little more girly. I don’t know what will happen but is seem that I’ve gotten a lot of those companions.I was sad though to say goodbye to some of my favorite missionaries at transfer.

I will see them soon though.This week I was stuffed up to eyeballs with food. Everyone wanted to take us out to dinner to say goodbye to Sister Ryder. So we had Cracker Barrel (My first, Second and third time). We had a neat lesson there with a less active. And the third time brother Lancaster was amazed at the fact that I eat so little and I was so big. He said he will remember that I eat like a bird. I didn’t take offense cause he is in he’s 80’s. He could have been preparing me for Sister Peck, I don’t know. So we went to the Bishoff’s for dinner and I went into my first Chicken coup and held my first chicken. The gobbler felt so weird. When dinner was over I shared a thought from the Book of Mormon. To my surprise the grandmother was a Minster and thought I was offending her. She told us that she didn’t believe in a book that was written in the 1800’s. So we got into a little discussion and it ended on a good note. I learned something that night.

If there is non members there, explain when the Book of Mormon was written. After dinner Jacob, one of her sons, showed us a few tricks with his flag because he is on the color guard. Then we held a chinchilla, and it was the softest animal ever. I tell ya I have held and seen a lot of crazy animals out here. I’ve been enjoyed studying some really neat stuff about sacrifice. And reading the testimonies in the Book of Mormon. We are going to work really hard on getting this ward a Preach my Gospel Ward. We will make sure they realize how important this is. I hope you all have one and are reading it to streanth you in the gospel.Hope the family picture is going well and your havin fun. Keep on keeping on.

I love you all
Sister Barrand

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