Monday, October 09, 2006

Last word from the MTC

I want you to know that I'm striving to have more faith like Nephi (& Joseph Smith, I always have to put him in there cause he is amazing) The scriptures are amazing. You can find everything in them if you are pondering. Before, I didn't really understand them. Now they are all good. Even the war ones because they wouldn't have put them in there unless they were important and we were going to get something out of them. Anyways just want to let you know how I feel about them and to let you know that they are true.

I still love my comps. They are just wonderful. I'm so blessed with these two daughters of God. I'm looking forward to meeting my trainer in a couple of days on Tuesday cause that's when I will be flying to West Virginia Ps I'm the travel leader so I'm in charge of all 12 missionaries that are flying to WV. Cool! I never get opportunities like this but since my last name starts with a "B" I'm at the top of the list. Ha Ha I don't think I'm fully ready to leave the MTC yet, I just can learn so much more here. But I guess I will learn it faster out there in the outside world. By the way, this is so much better than EFY. Oh and give my address out like the neighborhood gives away candy on halloween. You can write emails on So go there it's easy and fast.

Today we went to the temple and did inciatories. They were great. It was my last temple experience for a long time (like 1.5 years) :( Oh an as I was looking for my comps I stumbled upon Ryan. It was kind of akward We were both caught off guard and didn't know what to do. He kept saying "I can't believe it" Don't worry no feelings there. For the most part the Elders are not that immature. Just some of them. We had the best burgers for dinner yesterday mmmmm....

Classes are way good. It gets me more excited and scared at the same time. Austin will love it here there is such an amazing feeling when you know that you are doing right and sharing the most imortant message of all time. I love this gospel, I kow it's God's plan for us to return to him. I know Joseph Saw Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ and he spoke to him calling him by name answering his prayer.

Sister Barrand


b-ryce said...

way to go tiana!! i'm so proud of you! keep up the good work! I'll let you know when we get our blog post with all the brazil stuff up.

b-ryce said...

Tiana, I mean sister Barrand
I'm so proud of you. I had tears in my eyes when I read your testimony. I'm so happy that you are on a mission. We are praying for you. Love you, Marcia