Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I still haven't had squirrel!

Alrighty. This place is great, I'm loving the people more and more. Did I tell you that we got to be in a parade as Sisters Missionaries? If that’s not reaching and being seen in the city of Radford I don't know what is. I’m getting better of getting straight to the point. It's hard out here cause these people have motor mouths and us sisters missionaries are the only people who will listen to them. Keep in mind that their lives are long and full of interesting stories. I’ve been working on this language cause its like nut'n I’ve heard before.

We are teaching a 46 year old black lady named Tina, that has been to jail. She is a hoot. Everyone here is a hoot. She wanted to be a scriptorian so she knows her bible real well. She doesn’t know this but she makes me want to know everything so I can answer all her questions. I love all this learning. It is so great to be this worthy and have the spirit so near. It's just great.
We meet with Kevin on this Thursday and we will be teaching him the second lesson or whatever the spirit want us to teach. This is the greatest part. I will tell you that because I know of all these truths I don't stress out about writing down everything I need to say or worrying about everything coming out perfect. I know that if I’m doing everything I can that spirit will be there and they will be able to feel that. This Sunday I'm giving a talk along with the other missionaries of Radford ward. I'm excited. I don't even know what I will be talking about but I’ll figure it out. It will be good cause so far we have invited Annette- eternal investigator, Tina-investigator, Jason-new member but less active, Kevin-new investigator, Caitlyn-investigator, and Kate-less active. But hopefully we will get some more.

Thanks for all the support. I love you all and I’m sorry I can't write more but its all the time I have. There is so much to say. I can't wait till Austin get to be around all this building up Zion. It is so exciting I love this gospel and I love when I get it see it through somebody's eye and how it will bless them. I'm so proud of my choice and wouldn't change it for the world. This is the best thing I can be doing.

Love Sister Barrand

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