Sunday, October 22, 2006

A picture of Sister Quinton and me at Zone conference. Sorry it’s late. We had a zone conference on our p-day so it kind of today. This week was so exciting and so much better. I'm learning so much from personal study and companion study. It is amazing how much I can retain now that I have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. I’m realizing I've always had it since I was eight but never really relied on the Holy Ghost. Wow it is a powerful thing when the spirit is so strong that both you and your companion are thinking the some thing. I know that it’s the Holy Ghost cause Sister Quinton and I don't think alike normally. This was hard to come to realize that my companions and I are not always going to think alike, but I do know that when we are teaching we do think the same. That companionship of the Holy Ghost is a Gift to us and we have the ability to do with it as we want.

These people of Radford have so much potential. We are really working on bring the people closer together and to the Lord. So we have been working with a couple eternal investigators who have been seeing the missionaries for like two years. Mostly Annette and Becky. Annette is a single mother of two and will talk your ear off. She has three jobs and real busy. We will see if she is progressing tomorrow. Becky 20 years old and cares about living the fun life now. She is not progressing at all. We might have to drop her.

Ok so on Tuesday we had dinner at the bishop’s house and his son that is not active brought his roommate Kevin Sullivan, who is 24 and a student at Radford. He started reading the BOM. He had a couple questions at dinner about authority we answered them and got an appointment. We later met with him and he is so receptive and excited to read the BOM. We have another appointment with him next week.!!!!

Send me good church or uplifting music. Please!

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