Friday, February 09, 2007

Laura Hull Exciting Obituaries at the Libaray
This is a highly well known Hookie ( A genderless bird) and you might take a gander at the jummper Sister Barrand is wearing.( who said she would never in her life wear such a thing) missions change ya!
2 new investigators that are pumped to pray about whether they should get baptized by the correct authority!!!! Samson and Zack
see ,hear, speak and smell no evil! I added that last one Me, Stephaine, Becky, and Titus. In this lesson Becky asked " what would it change if i believed in Joseph Smith? " if you could only imagine what we said afterwards.
Intense church taboo for district meeting. thanks to danica
first timer here for giving blood....16 mins to pump a pint, and they consider that slow...going going gone!

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