Thursday, February 01, 2007

Oh Deer

Well well well. I Can’t believe it’s finally here my little bro and I out on Missions together just as we had always dreamed of. I always knew this day would come, where we could share this time together but be so far apart. He is going to love this work and you will be so surprised on how much he will learn and grow. He will be an amazing Elder Barrand.

It’s been crazy here. We went to Shavon’s basketball game. It was weird to here that loud music. She was an amazing basketball player, she was the team. After the game we met this retired religion teacher and one his old students (Brittany). Brittany had the light in her eyes; you could tell that she was doing something right. We have met with her three times since then and are continuing meeting with her. She takes us out to lunch with her. She has a lot of questions and is very open to learn more. She is a student at Radford University.

As we were driving to one of our dinner appointment when a big old buck ran out in front of us and made a big boo boo in the front. It was pretty neat to see how many people were willing to stop to make sure we were ok. The buck was down and couldn’t get back up. We prayed to thank our heavenly father that we were ok and let the buck go back to his family. As soon as we opened our eyes the buck ran off. The cop was about to give it a shot but the buck ran off before he could get to him. We handed out Books of Mormon and shared a message with everyone. At church Brother Hill came up to us and said. “You prayed for the deer? Do you know we eat road kill? Do you know that we would have had a full freezer by now?” He said it sarcastically but he totally meant every word. You know I’ve always wanted an excuse to say “Or Deer” if I ever ran into one, but this phrase did not cross my mind when all this was happening. Oh well better luck next time. The cop said they have deer accident every other day on that road. Sister Campbell has to climb over my seat to get to hers seat in a skirt cause her side door will not open. We called the president to let him know what was going on. He was sure glad that we were ok and he made sure that we did not climb in and out of the window.

We had an ice storm and Church was cancelled. It was frustrating because Shavon was planning on going to church with us for the first time. It was also important to me to take the sacrament. You realize what an incredible remembrance you receive when you partake of the sacrament, when you are not able to. We weren’t aloud to got out and work so we spend the day with the Zisette and worked what we could from their home.

Laura Hull is coming right along we taught her another lesson and set a baptism date for February 10. She is sad that her mom doesn’t want to go but she wants to do it anyways because she knows how important it truly is. We are praying and fasting for comfort in her heart weather her mom and dad come. But everything will work out. The lord only wants the best for her.

Sister Campbell keeps us reminded to accentuate the positive. She’s amazing and would go through anything for anyone. She is a great example to me of faith. I’m learning tons from her on how to become more charitable and personable. We also have fun as we are doing it. For the ward game night we dressed up as twinners. We said that we wanted to be like the elders, so the next day they wore the same ties so they could be like us. You have to find the joy in life in the simple things. For example we don’t have a lot of food but we get creative and try meals out from what we have. Like the fudge that sis Campbell made from hot Chocolate mix. (Mom you got to get this recipe) Or the cobbler for jam, canned peaches, cookie mix and granola bars. Or the other day we made a fabulous appetizer from asparagus and cheese. No recipes included. I’m thinking I’m going to go into cooking. j/k. Life is great here.

We just had President Interviews and I think I will be staying here in Radford for at least another two transfers. It’s all good to me because I love it here and I don’t know any better. Sister Campbell will be leaving me soon to go home in the end March. So we want to make this last little bit for her the best. We are working hard and receiving the blessings. You all are lucky to be able to go to the temple so often. There is a lot of important work to be done. I know you all are amazing examples. Keep up the wonderful work and keep helping the missionaries.

I love you all
Sister Barrand

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Tracy Barrand said...

Tiana, this is one of the funniest things I have ever read in the life of missioanries 1) hit a deer and crash the car 2) pray that the buck will live 3)attract a crowd who wants to eat it and are dissapointed when it runs away and 4) give them BOMs!