Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Thing are good here. My comp and I are awesome together. The food is pretty good haven’t had anything gross lately and the weather has been awkwardly cold and everyone keep complaining about their plant being killed by the freezing weather but I think its going to warm up here pretty soon. Pretty sad about the whole Virginia Tec tragedy we are about 5 hours away but I knew a lot of the students and professors that attended there. I was able to call them to make sure everyone was accounted for so far so good.

My old Stake President, President Hendrix works as a professor down there. He was in his office and put his desk in front of the door so the gunman would not be able to get in. The gunman giggled the door and tried to get in, but I guess went for a different target. I’m grateful for the promptings we get from the Holy Ghost to protected us.Apparently the whole door to door knocking is not over with selling pest control was not enough. Our zone goal is to knock together in each of our areas from 6-7. Man when I heard this I wasn’t too excited. I think I might of tried to persuade them otherwise. I tried explaining that we usually have other appointments at that time and a bigger window of time to tract would be better. I felt bad all the next day and had a strong impression to go tracking no matter what even if it was our only time to eat.

Well on Friday the thirteenth we ate on the run so we could track from 6-7 cause we had interviews at 7. Something kept telling me that it was possible. We both had a feeling that we should track around the church building. We found a street and parked in the middle. We started at the last house on the street. Drew a 15 year old boy came to the door, in most cases I would have given him the whole shpeal but felt inclined to ask for the owner of the house, knowing that most member join from teens to mid twenties. Tonya came out, we were taken a little off guard when she said that she wanted to hear more. She told us that she had been talking with some people she works with about getting back to church. And that this was meant to be.

She said that the message was beautiful and that we were like angels. She wanted to meet again to hear more. She was looking for something like this to come along and she found happiness in what we had shared with her. She had never even heard about the church until we came along. To think that she hasn’t ever been introduced hurts me inside cause she only lives two second away from the church. We excited to share more with her and have been enjoying tracking. The not even on disabilities, she’s basically normal. We told the Elders that they win and that they were inspired. I love this work. It makes me so happy to see others happy through this gospel.

Love yaSister Barrand

P.S. I hope my talk went over well. At least I made them laugh twice about praying for a deer.P.S.S. o oe, ole Tama numela Tasi.

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