Thursday, July 26, 2007

Atonement of Jesus Christ

4 July- 11 July

Well, well, well, life is great, isn’t it just great that we are all bless to know of our saviour and his redeeming sacrifice! Man what would we do with out the Atonement? In my studies and companionship studies we have been focusing on the Atonement of Jesus Christ the most curtioal part of this gospel. As you probably already know that Faith in Jesus Christ and Repentance through the Atonement of Jesus Chirst is just the beginning but it is the most important things that we can have the investigators apply into their lives. I know baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and endure to the end are all very so important but if someone does not truly exercise faith in Jesus Christ and repent using the Atonement, then they will want the rest of the Gospel. As Elder Holland says. The Atonement of Jesus Christ in the Center and everything else is just an appendix. We have been working extra to make sure we share this knowledge with everyone. So we wnet to a little festival and talked to this Bernard guy. I always have a picture of the Salt Lake Temple on the back on my planer to show people as we approached them. We showed Bernard the temple and invited him to Church.

HE CAME!! I don’t think you know how huge this is, not even our investigators come or the ones with baptism dates come. This is huge. Well sadly enough he is in the Elder’s area but he called us the other night and told us that he enjoy church and the Elder seemed a little pushy but that it was ok. He mentioned that he has to start figuring out what this dream meant. He had a dream about theses heavenly keys acouple days before and he didn’t know what it meant but as soon as he saw the picture of the Temple he seem to come together with this dream about these heavenly keys. We shared with him that we are all prepared differently and you will be able to receive the truth.We have a little trailer park that we always go to because we always have amazing lessons there with Jubal. Teaching Jubal always makes Sister Larsen and I sooooo excited to be teaching. For we know when he is understanding the spirit speaks stronger to us. As we went over to teach Jubal, we meet his Friends girlfriend.

At first you would be a little distracted by her piercing, tattoos, and immodest dress, some who looks like they would not be interested. But as we were offered some tea by Jubal we declined and that only caused great integument to this young 19 girlfriend. She asked some amazing deep soul searching question and we just enthralled with everything we had to say she as well as Jubal could not be distracted by anything else. It was amazing the interest level of this child of God. Amanda the girlfriend thought she stumped us when she asked us what’s the differences with our church. Both Sister Larsen and I took a second cause we got really excited and we didn’t want to scare her with our excitement. Of course we told her and have been teaching her. During the first pray she was smoking and didn’t close her eyes but yesterday after we had taught her she said the closing prayer. We look up after the pray and she smiling and told us she felt a warming sensation through out her face. She was gleaming her smile was from ear to ear. She was so happy. It feels so good to know that I’m a messenger of God and to witness and see for myself the love and joy this Gospel brings us is truly the most amazing thing.Love you all
Sister Barrand
Some Quotes
" An't nobody know God better than i do!" -Rex"
That's Right, Grandma!" - Dotty (a grandma)
"When i got Baptized in the spirit, i feel down on my knees and was blinded by the light!" -Rex
"I know Christians are not right, cause i feel asleep during thier Church." -Amanda
P.S. you have to say all of these with a hick accent!

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