Thursday, July 26, 2007

It's July already!!

27 June- 4 July 2007
Hope you all had a great 4th of July. And Dad I hope you don’t feel any older cause you have looked the same for about 35 years!!! The 4th was celebrated a little different this year. I wasn’t all about fishing for pennies on the bottom of the pool but getting to know some investigators at a member eating festival. We shot off some fire works and I screamed during everyone. He he. The other we thought about were we should go cause the day was coming to an end. I said a little pray in my heart to know where to go. I felt strongly that someone was willing and ready to hear a message that night. I got excited cause being out here with all the reject there are not many who would listen right away. I knew someone would let us teach them. Sister Larsen had similar feelings. We drove down the road where some potential investigators lived. We both felt good about these trailer homes. We headed off to meet Jack.

We had knocked on his door before but we never got an answer. This time a man came to the door. We asked him if he was Jack he said no and Jack doesn’t live here either. We thought he was trying to get rid of us cause that’s their way of telling us they are not interested. He said he is “Jubal, you know from the bible.” He looked like he didn’t want to talk to us but I proceeded to tell him what we were doing. He so kindly stopped what he was doing and sat down to hear the message. This is one of the best messages I had ever taught the spirit was so strong. It was absolutely amazing what a difference it was when they want to know the truth. He was so intrigued in what we teaching, he looked us in the eye the whole entire time. You could tell that he had and was going through a change of heart. As we were sharing the first vision, there were goose bumps on his arms and tears in his eyes. We knew he was doing his best as a single parent of two boys. He had recently gotten out of jail and was trying to make life better. That all Heavenly Father want is for us to find peace. He was truly searching for that, and because of the prompting that we receive we were able to show him the way to happiness.
We have an investigator Kelly Williams, that is praying about the BOM and Joseph Smith. She had ordered the BOM and Lamb of God from the TV and is now meeting with us. If she finds out they are true she will be baptized.

You know how by small a simple things great thing are come to past. Well Satan does just the opposite he carefully brings us down. 2 Nephi 28:21 Yeah for happy people who like the Osmond. Sherrie Gross is a Catholic lady who has a little(huge) obsession with the Mormons especially Donny. She is a talker and will go on and on about how wonderful Mormons are. We taught her and it ended up being three hours long cause she went off on some rampage after every principle. I was so draining. We just wanted to shake her and let her know that she can be one to. It’s like she thinks she can’t part take of this gospel. She just loves how wonderful Mormon families are and doesn’t think we have any problems. I will testify that having a family in the gospel is wonderful and brings a lot more clarity and Joy but everyone goes through trials. But we just know that those trials are good for us and apart of our loving Heavenly Fathers Plan. Man what would we do with out Plans. Plans are so great. We won’t be here if it weren’t for this Plan of Happiness. Oh my goodness I love sharing that with others. I kind of feel like this is all I know and will ever know. And that’s good.
Love you all
Sister Barrand

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