Thursday, July 26, 2007


18-23 July 07
I’m wondering if my letter are boaring to all you cause I talk about a lot of stuff that just may not be amusing to you, but it’s what going on in my life and it’s all I know right now.This week has been pretty good. We have a baptism date set for Ches the 50 year old mason that we have been teaching for a couple weeks. It’s set as a goal right now for the beginning of nest year. He did say that if it continues like it has been and he doesn’t get any bad feeling he will move the date up. He came to a baptism and the talks were by Elder Wray and Elder Manookin. It was pretty neat to see the spirit working through them to teach Ches. Ches liked the baptism and even got to take home the chocolate cake for coming. j/k.

We were approached by a young lady while we were doing service in the library to help her find a book for herself and the kids. Of course we knew exactly what “Book” they were really searching for. We bore testimony on families and how they are the most important social unit here on earth. Tears came from her eyes as her heart was full of the spirit. We hope to start teaching her soon because she had a run in with the Jehovah Witnesses and they scared her a little.Heather is praying about a Baptism date her husband is already a member and she would love to be married in the temple some day cause she was actually married in the red lobster parking lot with only his mom and sister there. She would love for her husband to baptize her but he needs some time. It was pretty neat to hear her say that even if her husband doesn’t baptism me I’m still going thought it. But when you have a husband that’s not living up to the standards it’s really hard for the non member to keep them as well.I don’t know if I’ve ever told you about a Chastity lesson but they are kind fun and can be very spiritual.

We Taught Jubal about all this exciting stuff and he said it would be hard but he will try. I’m sure it would be hard if you didn’t know any better. He actually said that he would give up tea if he didn’t have o live the law of Chastity. Oh if it were only that easy. We knew we needed to teach this especially after he kept missing out appointments due to being at the doctor figuring out if this crazy girl is/was pregnant.

Oh lets see we went to an interesting wedding at the church. They were deck out in Indian/pirate silver clothing. And a lot of the family was not member and were chewing in the church building. I’m just so grateful for the sacred temples. It pretty amazing how the spirit works. My companion and I have notice some pretty amazing teacher out here and were wondering how they thought so simple but powerful. I prayed in faith will to acted upon what ever the lord asked of me. Today we had a little zone conference at a park. I received my answer. Elder Wray gave a talk about how we all can be better teacher and how we can teach though the spirit. It was simple but powerful. I’m grateful for the keys that were restored upon this earth. I know that we can receive revelation through God. I love this work and the simple beauties of it.
Love Sister Barrand

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