Monday, October 15, 2007

General Conference is coming

Its been a great week. I love hearing how my wonderful family is doing. I’m so glad you all help the missionaries out and help them teach . It means a lot when it comes from the members, just don’t get into too deep and go off on Kolob or Heavenly Mother. He He. Mom I will be praying really hard for you and this job if it be right for you at this time in your life. Speaking of praying for specific things. After knowing that Jake wanted a quad for himself after he gets Baptized on the 21, we were over at a member home and Sister Wilson was looking through her stuff to find me a newer purse cause mine is trashed she found a Quad, brand new never been used before and asked us if we could find someone that would cherish these scriptures. Both sister Larsen looked at each other and knew that it was an answer to our pray for Jake. We will give them to him after he get Baptized. It’s good to hear that One of Kizzy’s nurses is getting baptized. That is way neat that you got to help out there. Heather and Jake are both doing really well and are excited for General Conference.
As am I, I think General Conference should happen all the time I absolutely love it. So we have been working with a 35 year old less active member Jeff Cropp he moved here about 8 years ago and hasn’t been to church in over 15 years, well we have taught him like he was an investigator with bring about 8 different families over trying him to come out to church. This past Saturday there was a Buckwheat & Sausages Feed and he was helping out there. So we made it over there and partook of the Feed. I actually liked them better then pancakes, they kind of tasted like multied grained flat pancakes. I was told after wards that that not even what real buckwheat pancakes taste like. But there we met his mom and his less active dad who were visiting. It was perfect timing that we got to remind Jeff about coming to church in front of his Family. He came!!!!!!
All the families that we have been taking over to his house over the 4 and ½ months we have been here. Came up to him and welcomed him and his two year old boy. It was a sight to see. You could tell Jeff mom was so happy to see her son at church. We love working with Jeff Cropp he such an nest guy, he actually was the only person that said I did a good job on my solo in church besides my comp. P.s. I kinda feel bad for this ward cause they have no one to do anything in this ward so they always call on the missionaries, that’s how I’ve been roped in to singing for sacrament. I guess it’s good for me. Oh I’ almost forgot we had a neat experience with a new investigator we found her while tracking. Her name is Pam and her step mom is a member that lives in Greece. Pam goes to a nondenominational church.
We gave her a pass along card for a BOM, the times of General Conference and made an appointment. When we came for the Apartment she had already prayed to know if this is true and if we were to come back then it means it good. Also she ordered the BOM and Is planning with her husband to go to a session of General Conference on Sat with her kids and one of their friends. It was like another prayer answered. The lesson went really well with her and she Prayed about Joseph Smith in the Closing Pray. I’m telling you that this does not happen. She already has pray as a family every night. It Amazing!!!
Love you all
Sister Barrand
P.S. we are almost done painting our apartment for service. It looks sooooo much better. Some much easier not to study in a orange room
P.S. I’m sure you two will have fun up in Park City with the family. It would be fun to see some pictures of YOU!

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