Monday, October 15, 2007

This is the best

Well to believe or not this week has been even better than last. Sister Larsen and I have both been here for a little longer than 3 months and no baptisms. We have been working hard and were wondering when it was going got pay off. As you know Heather had a baptism date set as of Nov 25, well just the other day in the same week we were teacher her and asked her what would be the difference if you got baptized in three weeks instead of Nov 25.

She said “ well actually I’ve been thinking about moving it up” This mean she will get baptized on Oct 14 a week after Conference. Not to mention that there will be a much and mingle after church, and she loves to eat, so she all excided that she will be baptized, confirmed, take the sacrament, and eat after it all done. Now she was not easy to commit but something just triggered her all of the sudden and she just loves to read and do what is right. She is building that foundation in Jesus Christ and baring her testimony to us, even when her husband is a rebellious member. She has committed and she is putting the effort in to what is takes and it only been 2 year since she started the lessons with the Missionaries. We are so happy for her cause it’s been a struggle seeing her not commit, ditch us, not read over and over again, and she is on fire now. Now she wants us over everyday to teach her and asking us when we can come back.

You can see the Change of heart.Speaking of Change of heart, Jake Kroll has been meeting with the missionaries for over a year now. When we got there he told us over and over again that he doesn’t even want to talk about Baptism. He was a stubborn Jehovah Witness for years and wanted us to show and prove everything to him. Up until a couple of days ago, he fought us on everything we said. Jake liked our Church but thought once was enough. After reciveing and answer to write down his testimony, our testimony, where his testimony should be, and how to get there it was a little chaotic. We actually had a big blow out and Sister Larsen had enough of his crap a cried. You see we wanted him to feel the spirit at a baptism one night and he said he would think about it. We were really upset that he didn’t want to take that opportunity to feel the spirit. The lesson was way unproductive (we thought). Well this got Jake thinking about his salvation. He came to the Baptism as you know and felt the spirit strongly, he kept saying how good he felt. He talked to President Cowley and could feel his charitable Spirit.

President Cowley gave Jake a hug. This meant more to Jake then you would believe. Jake was taken back to an inspired man wanting to hug him. Jake could not stop talking about how impressed he was. Jake started telling us he had been kneeling down while his been praying at night. We were blow away. If you can imagine a 65 year old, Jehovah Witness, hard knock, New Jersey kind of a guy that hates talking about his feelings going on about his spiritual experience talking with God on his knees. That was the best feeling. The lesson totally changed and they were all centered on his Family. He claims that the Witnesses broke up his Family and wanted to repair the damage. We started teaching him and his Family. You know I’ve been praying my whole mission to teach a family and I have been blessed to do so now, it’s an answer to my prayers.

Now Jake came to church and loved it, one of the talks was just what he needed. I’m grateful for the speakers listening to the spirit on what to teach, the talk was perfect and Jake recognized it. He had some great question about having to get married again if he wanted to be sealed in the temple. Our last lesson was so peaceful, we watched General Conference while I gave him a hair cut and after wards we asked him if he had is own bible. He said he wanted to get a quad after he get baptized. We very anxiously said when will you be baptized. He said “Soon” we said how about the 21 of Oct he said “ok” My heart filled up with joy for this man’s salvation and righteous desires. That was a change of heart. You wouldn’t believe what he said after that.

Well we asked him about what he had been reading and he was like “well we can talk about that later lets talk about baptism.” Man I can’t even begin to tell you how much these mean to our Heavenly Father, another lost sheep will be found. Sister Larsen and I could not believe that Changes that has occurred here. It can pretty much go along with Helaman 11. you should read it if you get a Chance. I have to tell you that this feeling that I’m experiencing is why I am out here. This is the Best work ever. I love my Heavenly Father and his Prefect Plan for us. I know my Savoir and Redeemer lives and I will do all I do to follow him.
I love you all
Sister Barrand

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