Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Heather Wilson is a Member!

This week was eventful a Baptism and a Funeral, both starting a new kind of life. Heather was Baptized on the Sunday the 14th of October before church, so she was able to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost in Church that day.

Oh man we pretty much stressed the entire week even until the very end. We had good reason to be on our toes. Well to start of Heather didn’t have a phone and she lives in the Elders area so we drove to keep in contact to her home like everyday cause you never know what is going to happen. She wanted her husband to baptize her but we didn’t know if he was worthy to do so. He was not really supporting her at all. He actually tried to keep her from meting with us. He was a big bum. But at we came closer and closer to Sunday he started to change. We wanted to involve him in the program but again didn’t know if he could do anything, Luckily we had his dad willing to help out and Heather was ok with her Father-in-law Baptizing her. But Richie found out and wanted to met with the Bishop so he could baptize his wife. He kept putting it on. Heather just stayed calm, knowing that her husband might not be able to baptize her. Sunday morning rolled around and Richie had an interview right before the Baptism. WE took some pictures while we were waiting.

The Baptism started at 8:45 and Richie came out of his interview at 8:50. He was so happy he was running around repeating the baptism prayer because this was going to be his first one. We hurried him in to get his jumper on and then started. We were late as Mormons usually are but Heather was Baptized by her Husband, a dream come true for her. The programs had to say on them Brother Wilson cause we didn’t know who was going to baptize her, her Father-in law or her Husband. But it all worked out just great and we were so happy for the two.

Now we get to take heather with us to teaching appointments!It was different having a Funeral downstairs, but neat to see the love that was shared. Sister Larsen and I were in charge of bringing all the pictures and stands over to the place where they would all eat. Of course the Relief Society put on a excellent meal. To bad Tammy wasn’t even there, she was having a really hard time with the lost of her husband. The saddest part was we brought up how she can be sealed and she was not interested in giving up word of wisdom issues to be sealed with Bill. So sad when they are so closed. You wouldn’t believe how closed some people are out here, well I’m sure it’s the same there.

I’m Happy for the Baptism the happened there. And we looking forward to Jake’s Baptism probably next week, when his wife is out of the hospital. Oh we had family home evening with Jake and it was the best. We even got to sing to his Wife in the hospital over the phone. Jake says the best prayers cause they are from his heart. He keeps telling us that he is going to miss us girls. After we finished the lesson with the ice cream sundaes he said. “Aw you can’t leave now I was just having fun.”I absolutely love how the gospel can bring soooooo much happiness into someone’s life. Jake has yet to comprehend how happy we can be when we do what is right. Man this is good stuff. I’ll tell you the truth though when your companion has only 7 weeks left, it’s hard not to think of life after a mission, but it basically all about how we are going to lose weight and hold babies. I’m lucky enough that all of you have them and I don’t have to worry about that for a long time.
Love you all
Sister Barrand

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