Wednesday, November 01, 2006

No Shows? What!?

Hey all
Happy Halloween. We were able to wear each others name tags for our costumes!
This past week we got a lot of no shows and hit and misses. No one showed up for Sunday, it sad and stressful. I prepared a talk just for those people and they weren't there. Every Sunday we have PEC and meeting for the missionaries and the bishopric and other important people, I made some good pointers about what the missionaries need to be doing on Sundays with the ward and they listened and followed my ideas. Oh the song we sung went well, especially the other boy who sang. Before we all started singing it was kind of noisy but after we began, it was dead silent. You could feel the testimonies of Joseph Smith there. My talk was on Pray. I think this was the very first talk I've given with out anyone writing my talk for me. I actually looked at the people and didn't read the whole talk verbatim. I just found out that they talked discussed my talk in seminary the next day. Surprising that they were all listening. Neat! We also talked a lot about Missionary members and how important they are. I love hearing that you are helping out the missionaries there in your own area. It helps a lot to have a member there while we are teaching. So dad good job. Sorry to hear about the water that dipped down your back. I can just see you now, reacting to that ice cold water dripping on ya. Ha Ha
So we were given a referral to go meet Kimberly Campbell. After a lot of searching we finally found her house. A man was already going it to the house so he invited us in with him. In there was his wife and daughter. This family was not the Campbells. But we talked for a while about the gospel and placed a BOM and movie. They asked us to come back. We are going to set up an appt with them this week.
Kevin was really sick this week but we are seeing him tonight.
So we go visit all the new freshman and we had an appt. with Derek and he was a no show. But then he called us back and said sorry and for us to start teaching his girlfriend Jessica! Yeah! Calls like that don't happen that often.
The next day we got another phone call from another no show named Preston Gieger. I feel like I’m being spoiled.
I'm reading in the BOM for my personal study and I’m understanding sooo much about Nephi.
Cool experience happened. The Zisette Family had over their grandparent and Aunt and Uncle. This is the neatest family. I just love them. They are the ones that let us stay with them for a week and a half. Anyways I learned tons of knowledge of the 12 tribes in my studies. Then we were at the Zisette all playing church taboo and then we got in to talking about the 12 tribes. The Uncle was a patriarch, so in this conversation I totally followed along cause I had studied it earlier. Wow. I think if I wasn't where I I’m at spiritually I would have left that conversation. cause I would have no idea what on earth they were talking about. It is neat to know all this amazing stuff.
President interviews went well and it looks like I will be here for another 6 weeks! Yeah.
Love you all
Sister Barrand

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