Thursday, March 22, 2007

Families are Forever

Ok alright I was wondering when you were going to say something about my letter writing cause it can get pretty boring, I would think. Last night we went and delivered a Pizza to an investigator Sean Carvalho (Where do you think that last name is from?) We were driving over to his house, and my brilliant spectacular, fantastic, beautiful, smart, witty companion, Sister Young suggested that we take each take a piece of the pizza out of the box, and deliver it with a message that said, "Sean, what is missing in your life?" But as it turned out, we only took out one slice and wrote, "Sean, Hello! Guess What!? Your Favorite ;)Sisters got you a little something.. Look inside. What is missing?" (because we were working under pressure) He pulled up right as we were taking the slice of pizza. He came to the car, and we told him to open the box. He had a big grin on his face when he saw that there were only 7 slices of pizza instead of 8. It made him smile. Our purpose for doing this was so that he could feel the love of the Lord. However, we wish that we would have written this message instead, "Sean, we saw that your pizza was a little crispy. So tell us home slice, what is missing in your life? Could it be a piece of peace-A? Look inside! To find the missing peace come on Sunday. 900 Pendleton St. at 10:00. "

Well this trio has been a trip. We all can talk the investigators ears off. I believe lessons are only suppose to be at the most 45 minutes and some times we just go out of control and talk for three and a half hours just for one lesson!! We are working real hard to cut down the lessons. Poor Laura Hull she had to listens to us for that long. Although she’s incredible happy now cause she feels clean and all warm inside. Steak Conference was one of the best talks I’ve ever heard. President Samples talk about not taking offence; he said that he shared the same talk to another ward and renamed it “sit down, shut-up and shake it off.” It was funny talking to a member that clams to be atheist was offended that we call it THE church. It just made me realize more how it is THE church and how my heaven Father loves me and the its Jesus Christ’s church. It was the best turn out for the potluck after that, there is nothing like some good old southern cook’n. Just like you will always have a pan of green jello at a Mormon function there will always have Mac and cheese here. Oh I just had Corn beef and cabbage for the first time. Sister Campbell warned me that the corn beef is still pink after you cook it (she did eat it the first time cause she thought it wasn’t cooked).

We got our car back from the shop and we were driving and saw that a kid fell down off of his skateboard and spilled his drink. Don’t worry we got him a new Dr. Pepper and told him he should go to the steak dance. He said he was really a dancer (like most boys). Interviews were great I finally felt like president and I could talk for hours. He seemed more relaxed but did bring up something I could help him with and that was to be careful around the elders and let him know it there was any thing that was up. He said that not only the sisters wanted to serve with me. One of our investigators is praying about baptism, Robbie believes in Joseph Smith and the BOM but is not willing to change his life style. He did say “ I know the Church is true cause everyone that goes gets sucked in.” Travis on the other hand is progressing he is a thinker. He was fascinated that THE church is a worldwide church and that we would give up our lives (and love lives) to serve the lord. He said he wanted to do that but thinks he wouldn’t be able to give up so much. It made me feel so privileged to be severing the lord. And know that I did make the best choice. Shavon had us present Mormonism in her Counseling class. We basically sat around and taught this class of eleven the lessons and how they can counsel their LDS clients. Their feedback was good and not challenging. It was the neatest part when we talked about families and Shavon back us up.

She explained that when she went over to a Mormons house for the interview, that the family was unified and how they did everything as a family. I told the class how special my family is to me and how we had family prayer, scripture study, dinner, Sunday Dates, salsa Saturdays and Family Home Evening together. Truly I’m so grateful that I was blessed with such an amazing family how taught me all those wonderful lesson at such a young age. I told my companions that I will make sure I will teach my kids all these great lesson. It really is a testimony to me how it all start within the walls of our own homes. So thank you for being such a wonderful family.Dad and mom thanks for have a bone to pick with me. I will even enjoy them more.Can you do one thing for me and get the addresses of all the missionaries serving the whole steak like (Rachel and Rebecca Hill).
Love you allSister Barrand

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