Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I‘ve been here in Radford for away now and had the feeling that I might be leaving this area next transfer.
A couple days later President Cowley called, he asked how I was doing,I said “good” He then added “well don’t worry we will get cha’ out of Radford soon, cause I don’t want you to become mayor”I replied back, “How did you know I was running for mayor?”He said laughing “because I know your personality!”So I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, but we will see.At Last Zone Conference I went up to President very seriously and said “I‘ve got this man I have been writing for about 13 weeks and he hasn’t written be back”President said “How old is this man?”“Well… he is …older.”“Is he romantic?”

I could hold it in any more and had to tell president that the man I was writing was him and I didn’t know if he was romantic or not. He laughed and pulled one on me. He asked me how my trip was after I had tripped over a bag, so we’re even now ..but who’s counting?!Well we have been praying and fasting about what we can do for Laura Hull. She was struggling in school because of getting sick and all stressed out over that, that it caused her to get even sicker. She prayed and decided to withdraw and go home to Prince George, (Richmond, Va). We helped her pack half of her stuff and she was off. She came up the next day to finish packing and have a baptism interview. I was rainy alright but that didn’t stop us. She called us on Sunday and was excited to tell us she had bore her testimony. In her testimony she said “If this is what the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost feels like, then I want to be baptized right now.” Her knees were shaking so much the bishop thought he was going to have to catch her. The Elders there in the Richmond Mission are going to be able to experience her getting baptized and confirmed, but we were so lucky to share this gospel with her, see her grow, and progress. She will be baptized tomorrow the 8th at 7.

A good thing about being baptized at her home in Richmond is that her mom would have a better chance of attending. Laura had a concern for her mom not wanting to attend; we fasted for Laura’s mom. When Laura got home to Richmond she found a note from her mom saying she didn’t know if she could plan on making it to her baptism. Laura on her own fasted about her mom’s attendance and when she came home from work, there she found another note saying she would attend. Fasting is such a powerful experience of faith and love. How can we not know that our Father in Heaven loves us. Laura is now planning to go out to Washington for general conference and pick out where she want to go to school with Sister Campbell. She wants a good up lifting life style and knows she can find it in a LDS environment. She’s thinking about BYUI and BYU. She is one of the strongest people I have seen. She is not timid about sharing the gospel with anyone. I’m so glad we were a part of her life. I know she will spread this gospel like wildfire.

I love you all,Sister Barrand

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