Thursday, March 01, 2007

High Five

So you know how we ran into that deer and we gave some BOM's and DVDs away. Last Sunday Brother Hales came up to us and said he was working the same night that we had are little accident and Perry one of the officers came up to brother Hales( cause he knew he was LDS) later that week and said he was very impressed by us sisters, and was curious in the way we dress. Perry also told Brother Hale that he would be watching the DVDs. By small and simple things are great thing brought to pass. Alma 36:6.

We are still working with Laura making sure timing is right. She is coming along and making the right choices. We are proud of her.So the other week we had asked a Student to come teach with us. Tyler cancelled his plan to do so. He lives about 20 mins away. Our original plans got cancelled but Tyler still wanted to help out and had already made plan to come teach with us so we said that he could come down to Radford and we would find some people to go visit. I was having a hard time cause I felt bad to make him drive all the way down to knock on empty apartments. After we had ended that conversation, we started calling some less Active member that we could go visit, Sister Campbell added that we had a cookies for them also. In the back of my mind I was thinking we don't have time to make cookies, but remembered that she was prompted to by some marshmallows at the store. While whipping up some homemade rice crispy’s. Sister Campbell was a busy bee on the phone trying to figure how and where we are going to do this. A little bit later Laura called and needed a blessing. We wanted another priesthood holder so we called up Mitch a recent convert who’s never given a blessing before but was excited to take part. Sister Campbell called her ear off and we ended up with four of our fairly new investigators, two of our less active/recent converts, two strong members, three lovely sister missionaries and a pan of rice crispys. All there to participate in a priesthood blessing. The spirit was strong and we couldn't have done it with out faith and the guidance of the spirit. It was combobulated in like 30 minutes and taught them all the 10 commandments in sign language. and note that this is not the sign language that i learned from Celeste.

I am loving my companions. The other day when I was reading in Alma Chapter 31. I got to verse 36 that reads: "Now it came to pass that when Alma had said these words, that he clapped his hands upon all them who were with him. And behold, as he clapped his hands upon them, they were filled with the Holy Spirit". After I read that verse, I looked up at my Companion and said all excited "did you know that they gave High-fives in the Book of Mormon." I had written it in my study journal that it is cool to give high-fives. Excited to use the high-five method for awkward situations. This is no lie. I'm glad i had my companion there to point out footnote b, which reads "The laying on of hands", so I learned quickly what Alma was doing, how they received Holy Ghost, and not giving high fives, but just how we do it today. Now you see the importance of having a prophet, seer, and revelator who is given the keys to interpret the scriptures? If I were to organize a church without having the authority from God to do so, I would probably start a church that administers the Holy Ghost by giving high-fives. I will still continue to give high-five but, know that Alma wouldn't have given me a high-five just for good measures.
I love you allSister Barrand

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