Saturday, March 31, 2007

Goodbye Radford

Hey There

I’m out of Radford!!! Can you believe it? Now I’m serving in Parkersburg West Virginia. New Address is 1107 32nd St Apt # 2 Parkersburg WV, 26101 with Sister Ryder from British Columbia Canada. I’m excited for this, we both just killed our other companions and are ready to put the petal to the metal and get some work done.

Just to let up know we sat down for dinner last night to mash potatoes, peas, 7 fried squirrels, and some squirrel gravy. Mmmmmm.? Well it wasn’t as bad as I thought but I probably will never eat it again. I kept looking down at the little piece of fried meat on these little bones. I think the biggest problem was the calf muscles of the poor little guy’s bones. I just got a little gross out when I thought of him jumping and climbing on things, so then I had to stop. I will tell you this. It kind of looked like the gross stuff that you pull out of a turkey and throw away but more bony and tasted like the dark meat of a turkey with no flavor. It’s kind of sick to hunt theses poor little creatures. I don’t think I will be requesting any more squirrel.

I hope Travis in Radford will be taken care of by the ELDERS. Yes that’s right I opened that area and closed Radford. He was Golden. We were sad to let him go. I had fasted for him on Sunday for everything to go smoothly. Fast and Testimony meeting perfect thye even included him in their testimonies and he was impressed. It was one of the best I been to. Sunday school was on the gift of the Holy Ghost, also great. He had some great probing question about being saved and we excitedly got into the plan of salvation. Before the lesson he did think he came from any where and that there was just heaven and hell. Oh boy did the spirit enlighten him. He now has a testimony of the plan of salvation, like pre earth life, the veil, spirit world, and the kingdoms of glory. He said he loves meeting with us cause he realizes more and more how he is becoming closer to Christ. And with out fail he tell us how organized our church is. He even wants to check out General Conference and hear the Prophets word. Which by the way I’m so excited that it is so close, I can’t wait. I know that prayers will be answered and everything that needs to be said will be felt by the spirit. Is that not amazing or what.I love you allSister Barrand

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