Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jesus the Christ

Hey familia

This week we had another sister join us for a day cause she has served her whole mission in Sissonville so far (sister Anderson has been there for 14 months) and she will probably stay there. But we had fun there. She brought with her a referral from another area for us in Bridgeport. The neat part about is that the elder had ran into her before and also gave us her information. So in the past two weeks she has been getting referred to us. We had already set up an apt. with her and it happened to be on the day Sister Anderson was here. Sister Anderson was so excited.

Crystal I guess forgot and she missed her apt. so we have to catch her at another time. We actually probably looked like stalkers cause she never told us her address but we got it from sister Anderson and we went over there to make an apt and we couldn’t tell if she was swimming in her pool in her back yard or not and we were there the day before so it just looked really from her point of view. But to be honest with you it’s not that awkward cause we will be transferred some time. With Sister Anderson we also when up to Grafton cause we always go up to Grafton on Fridays.

Grafton is a small town with only one light. We pretty much hate it there because nothing good has ever come out of it. So we set up one day to be there to do service and teach a couple of our investigators. Well we started teaching Brittany who in about 17 and was friends with some less-actives but it was so hard to teach with the spirit with three sisters with so many distractions. She had a friend there and together they were babysitting three little kid so they would interrupt as they pleased. Plus she didn’t seem to happy about the whole gospel blesses families because she hates her dad and her mom keeps going to jail and she is the only one that catches a bus in Grafton to go to church. One of our part member investigators was more then willing to receive a priesthood blessing when we offered. She has been to the hospital for her back because she has two bulging disks. The neat thing about this blessing was not the fact that it said she would be healed but that she could continue on being the strong mother that she is. I’m sure it you don’t understand blessing people expect what they want to hear. But in reality it what your Father in Heaven wants you to hear and it night not even relate to exactly what is going on.

I so glad we have that ability to call on a worthy priesthood holder in times of healing, comfort and direction. They are amazing and powerful gifts from God. So we have been having some struggles with one of our investigator on keeping commitment and not ditching out on us. Heather is married to a member but he is trying to bring her with him. He is making a lot of damaging mistakes that is effecting their marriage and her chance to progress in the gospel. You would think he would be a help but he is being an opposition. We had a great talk with her about being the example for her husband and to get council from the bishop. She finally made the call and now has the bishop involved which shows she is humbled enough to receive help.

Oh have I’ve been enjoying my studies I’m learning so much from the Scriptures and the amazing book Jesus the Christ. Jesus the Christ just paints more of a picture and goes into great detail. Recently I’ve studied about Jesus asking for the water at the well to the Samarian. Or as Dad like to Fraise it “Women in the Well” Just like Nicodemus the women missed the spiritual lesson Christ was teaching. Also about the Ten Virgins and how prepared we truly need to be. And how in D&C 45:56 Joseph receive revelation that this prophesies will come true. I’m just finding so many neat things in Jesus the Christ. That monster book that I was told I would
never be able to understand but oh how I Love it now!! He he.

Oh I do have to tell you that I got to scare my companion so well this week. I hid in her bed while she was putting her month guard in and turned on my recorder and jumped out of her bed before her eyes had adjusted. It was a blood curdling scream that lasted for a long time. We both get really scared easily but think it’s the most funniest to listen to us being scared on the recorder. We have two scaring incident on the recorder and we listen to them every night and laugh for forever even to the point tears come out. Oh the life.
Love you all
Sister Barrand

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