Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Year mark!!!

Yes it’s happy Anniversary to me!

The 13th of September is my year mark. I feel like I was in the MTC 5 months ago, and the MTC although felt like three year I look back and it feels like it was only there for a week. I love hearing about how everyone is doing. The last week of transfers always seem a lot slower for some odd reason. So our District meeting was on making the last week of the transfer a good as a 8 cow Wife. We watch the old production on Johnny lingo and compared it to how we look at our areas. The movie his so funny “Mohana you Ugly” anyways so we ventured out and prayed to find all those who were prepare we walked all over the town of bridgeport in 100 degree weather and humidity up to my eye balls.

I know I said that it has cooled down but I was way wrong it did the opposite the day that we walked all around only to come home for a meal to a steaming hot apartment (our air conditioner broke). But we had a great time as a goal of gaining 10 new investigators and accomplish gaining 2 new potential investigators. I really felt like I was in a third world country serving the lord, getting that hot and sweaty talking to the people out side. You know as soon as we got into the sauna (apartment) we lost the wet clothes and laid in front of the fans until it was time to go back out. It was a blast. We had really neat experience we went out to Grafton as usually on Friday and meet with Jake Kroll ( a Jehovah witness) this lesson usually contain him saying he knows a lot and him talking about the JW. The lesson we had with him was the worst lesson we have ever had and we got absolutely no where.

We brought a member and we all we really frustrated to the point that we would reach across the table and shake some listening skills into Jake. All we wanted was for him to come to the baptism to feel the spirit, cause he had such a hard time keeping his month shut. We all left in a annoyance. The most wonderful thing happened Jake was there at the baptism with his daughter. He told us that we made him really think about how he need to take his salvation seriously so he came. The baptism was amazing everything that was said was for Jake and his daughter, the talks were truly inspired word and the spirit was powerful. Jake loved it and he said he felt at home in the building. He also got to talk with President Cowley and felt his love and spirit from him. Jake could stop talking about how good he felt and how you could just tell that we are called of God.

I t was music to my ears to hear this come out of Jake’s mouth. President had been hearing about Jake for about a year now from all the missionary that have taught him and he calmed the nerves of Jake and told him not to fight it. It was prefect, which is what Jake needed to hear. Jake’s concern was that he’s too old to be baptize (he is only 64) but after talking to President Cowley, Jake wanted to meet with us more often. Well as you can see Sister Larsen and I will be serving in Bridgeport for our third transfer and I’m happy about that.I love this Gospel and I loving reading Jesus the Christ. What a loving heavenly Father we have to provide us with a way back into his presents.
Love you all
Sister Barrand

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