Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"God borned us here"

Really neat experience with searching, pondering and praying about an investigator, after much of this , during my studies I came to see exactly what I needed to do for Jake Kroll. Since Jake is a big talker and always get off subject, we wrote him a letter for him to read out loud. It had our testimonies, his testimony (or at least what he has told us), and some pondering question , that will determine his progression. It was amazing how the spirit took over and we could feel the spirit that strong as he read it.I love tailoring the lesson to the people.

The other night I shared a thought with the Chesler and new family from Utah that just moved here a couple weeks ago. You could tell the 15 year old daughter had a Laman and Lemuel attitudes for taking her away from Cheerleader and her friends in Utah. I shared the message of Lehi and his family traveling in the wilderness and compared it to them and think this one hit home for them and the dad came up to me later and thanked me for the lesson. The spiritual thoughts the missionaries give to the members are just as important and should be taken so lightly. We think that active member don’t need up lifting but we all need more.

I’m glad we get to teach the active members as well. You should all read your Pat Blessing more often. I read Moroni 7 and Pat Blessing this morning found a lot of similarities.Oh we did this street presentation at this Italian Festival and it was that productive because everyone was enjoying the festival and they didn’t want to be preached at. There were a lot of them who dodged us completely. We kind of went into this knowing the outcome but hoping fr the best, we had all these supplies like movies and book and not a single one was handed out. The only thing that they would take is the pass along cards.So we were tracking the other day and ran into Joe Romeo that had a lot of interesting stories about being saved in jail. I think our favorite lines were (as he waved his arms all around) “ God borned us here” and “ I was a Bad Girl…Oh I mean Boy.”Oh there is some real fun character here I just wish you could meet them all
Love you all (so does Larry)
Sister Barrand

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