Saturday, November 03, 2007


I bet if you knew what it looked like hear you would all jump on a plane today and check out all these colors. Oh but it sounds like the snow is crazy there. Random people will update me here and say they are getting a lot of snow out in Colorado. I’m glad you have the missionaries over cause that means a lot. Are you two lonely and that why you had three nurses sleep over? Sounds like a great breakfast that they made.

So did you mess up your diet, or what? There is a lady (Tina) who we help with the activities at the nursing home and I think she is on the same diet. Tina has lost 21 lbs in two or three months, so good luck with that diet. The portions look pretty small. At least you get Chocolate. Right?Dad, sounds like we both had a Stinky day. But mine was a silly reason for being bad. Basically both Sister Larsen and I couldn’t sleep, trains were honking, sirens were shrieking, dogs were barking, I had to give a talk for District Mtg, and Jake’s septic tank died. But what we found amazing is that the lessons that we had went really well. Speaking of stinky and septic tanks, I stepped in Jake’s dog’s (Sweet Pea’s) poo on there front porch. I just put it back on the grass where it belonged, because Jake told me too. So we are still teaching Pam and her son Jonathan.

We are still trying to figure out if Pam was baptized when she was nine. I have to tell you that Pam is always on her swing on her front poach and as we go up to take a seat on some lawn chairs there is the most ghastly smell of doggie presents. Not to mention two smelly sickly disease spreading dogs trying to eat the flies that are swarming all over us. Its so nasty. Last night we went over to make sure Jonathan had a ride to Church Basketball. He thought we were going to give him a ride and we thought he already had a ride, so we had to use their phone to find him a ride.

We disgustingly went into the home overcome by the most horrible BO ever in my life. I’m telling you it went from rank to rank not even a time to take a breath. I t went directly from stinky dog poop to deadly BO. We got a ride for them and the poor member had to ride in car with two smelly kids. We felt pretty bad but we didn’t know plus we are trying to get them involved. I just have one more nasty story. We went over to a member home to eat and as was in the bathroom, The Member proceeded to tell Larsen about the problems or her Curdling Milk in her frig. Later as we sat down she continued saying that the meat that she had prepare made her and her husband both sick. We looked around to what to eat and there was nothing we had no back up besides a plain potata. The water option was even gross there was green fungus living at to bottom of the picture. I would have to say that was the worst meal of my whole mission so far.
I love you all\u003cbr /\>Sister Barrand\u003cbr /\>\u003cbr /\>\u003cbr /\>\u003cbr /

Well In my studies I’m working on knowing scriptures better and some other random things. When I started off you could quiz me on about 15 of them and I knew what they all said and where they were. The next day I tried doing the same and it was like my brain was full and there was no room for any other scriptures. It was pretty funny cause the same thing happened to Larsen. By the way we prayed and prayed to stay one more transfer together for our investigators and it was answered. Larsen and I are here again for another 6 beautiful week, plus we got Sister Hatch. That’s my third threesome if you count the MTC.

Threesome’s are crazy!! We will see how this one works out. I’m afraid that sister Larsen and I have become such good companions that someone would feel left out but we are going to try our hardest to work on including everyone. Sister Hatch and I were in the MTC together but we were not in the same district. She came from a difficult companionship so it’s good that she is here. We are going to pump here up and get some work done. Too bad we had a glow sticks party with out here. Sister Larsen’s Mom always sends glow sticks so we are always having fun. Jake Baptism date moved to the 4th of November due to the fact that Sue needs to be there. Plus she is out of the Hospital. Heather is a great member and goes out with us on teaching appt which is great.
I love you all
Sister Barrand

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