Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Don't Worry

Don’t worryI’m doing a lot better.

On Monday around 9:40 a.m. I answered the phone and felt really dizzy and so I handed the phone to Sister Ryder. I laid down and it only lasted for about a minute until I felt better and the dizzy feelings went away. Went off to District Mtg. and it happen two more times. The elders gave me a blessing and we were off to lunch. During lunch it happened two more times. We went home and I had 7 more episodes of this weird feeling of dizziness and not really being all the way there. While I was on the phone with the doctor he tried figuring it out. Finally we just headed off to the doctors, luckily it was only 5 minutes away. They did some testing and were waiting for the result . While the nurses were out I had another episode. Sister Boning ran out to get the doctor and it was like I was passed out. I remember him pulling my eye lids open and pinching my arms. They said that I was having Pseudo Seizures caused by stress.

The weird thing is I don’t feel really stressed out. I love my companion, the area’s progressing and we have two baptisms coming up. Another weird thing is that I had these “Pseudo Seizures” about a year ago out in Utah. Megan thought is was constipation but its not. It was my first CAT scan and I had to be in the room with a young man with out my companion and it was really weird. When I got home I receive one of the most powerful blessings from Brother Hungate. He assured me everything was going to be ok. His mouth poured out and I heard everything I needed to and felt the saviors love wrap around me. The other Elders that were standing in both agreed that that was the most powerful and spiritually experience that they have had on their missions. I had a MRI and I have an EEG test tomorrow just to make sure that everything is ok. President wanted me to talk you my family and I’m glad I did cause I feel much better. Today at transfers President Cowley gave me a blessing to assured me everything will be ok. I feel better just a little weak. I’m staying here in Parkersburg till the testing is all done.

But before all this happened I was going to be transfer to the Media office. So I’ll be there at the end of the week. Yeah I am a media Sister!!!. Hey cool story while I was sitting here a man asked me if I was Judy and I pointed out my name tag and said no I’m sister Barrand. I started asking him some question and he started talking about the church. I guess he had the 12 lessons a long time ago and has some issues but we will get those all straighten out. I’m so proud of my little model nephew I knew he was the cutest little boy and that I might have a problem know that my kid are never going to be as cute. So if you can pray that everything will be ok and the test results come back positive and I will not get stressed out. I love you all. Thanks for all you do.

Sister Seizures Barrand

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