Thursday, May 17, 2007


Hey there

Being a media sister is a little different. It’s nice to help out the other missionaries, do office work, be so close to President and still have investigators. Love my new comp. Sister Glad she really can be expanded by her last name. Her and I both came out together. We like to get the work done around here, so I think this will be a great companionship.When I got up here to South Charleston we went over to President’s house and celebrate his 58th Birthday. He started getting teary eyed when we stated sing to him. He is the best President I could have asked for with the biggest heart.Brenda in the ward wasn’t able to mow her lawn because she didn’t have any gas for her lawn mower because she didn’t have any money since the gas prices are up to $3.24 per gallon. Crazy uh. When I first got out here on my mission it was $1.98per gallon. So we fixed her up with some gas and I mowed her foot and half long grass.

I have never sweated so hard and much in my life. I was all excited to cut the lawn because it’s similar to cutting hair. But it’s a little different. Instead of cuts on my fingers I have blisters on my thumbs. I hope you don’t think I’m complaining just explaining why women stick to the heads of hair not lawns of grass. Not to mention pulling the gas to get it started uses a little more muscles than flipping a switch on the blow dryer. Again I’m not complaining. I would be more than thrilled to mow the lawn again. But there is one more thing instead of dandruff jumping out at you; you have to be cautious of cute little frogs.Stephanie (investigator) is amazing.

She has been reading and praying. She takes notes and loves being taught. She’s been out of town and hasn’t been able to come to church but she went to go find the church building and said it looked really friendly. Yeah!We were over at a 10 year investigators house Angela, who husband is a convert. Angela works hard and unfortunately always falls asleep during our lessons. We are working on keeping her awake, and helping her husband Robert recognize the spirit. For some reason he thinks he has never felt the spirit even being a convert into the church. We kindly shoved it down his throat about recognizing the spirit.Mother’s day was great. I loved hearing from home. It’s good to hear the voice of your own parents. Just wish I got to hear from the other mothers in my family. Even the bran new ones!!
Love ya
Sister Barrand
P.S. My new address is
888 Oakwood Rd. Ste. 310
Charleston WV, 25314

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