Thursday, May 24, 2007

Green Peppers?

Angela Kelly (an investigator from my old area) just got baptized on the 19th. Angela was just driving around and felt impressed to call the number on the outside of the building. She came to church and met Bishop Long and us sister. As soon as we meet her we felt joy and her eagerness to know the truth. I felt the spirit of peace and I knew that her desirous were pure. We started teaching her and the power of the Holy Ghost bore witness to her. She knew and said “God wants all of his Children to know about the gospel and wants all of his children to know that it’s true.” Angela knew that she wanted to partake of this gospel and be baptized/confirmed as a member of the true and living restored gospel.

She earnestly prayed and the power of the Holy Ghost bore witness to her of its truthfulness. She said that “The role of the Holy Ghost comforts, witnesses and testifies of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Also reveals and tells the truth.” Angela was way excited and we were also. She made sure that I was a part of it and ask me to talk at her baptism. So on Saturday we are driving up to Parkersburg (old area)for Angela’s baptism then driving back down to Charleston for Carrissa’s baptism. Carrissa is really special it even proves it in her name with the extra “R” and “S”. At least that’s what she told us. When Carrissa was only five year old she had said that her Papa would baptize her. Her papa was not even a member. She held on to what she had said when she was five and her papa did join the church a couple of years ago and was able to perform his first baptism on Carrissa. These two sisters were both smiling the whole time; we could not get them to stop. I t was wonderful to be a part of both of their new life’s.

Stephanie Hendersen our gator is amazing she’s reading so much and has notice how much better she feels when she reads. We got some of the best ice cream with her at Maggie Moo’s. Oh it was the best ice cream I have ever eaten. It was kind of like cold stone but better.

The Elders are happily giving us one of there investigator because she was getting a little attached to one of them. She’s hard of hearing and has some incest problems. It’s a sticky situation one minute she knows everything and wants to get baptized then the next minute she flipping out and saying she doesn’t want to learn any more. She called us really late last night. (If you want to say 10:30 is late) well it is to a missionary. We are worn out. Anyways she called last night and said it will only take a minute but it ended up being an hour and some. Man I don’t know if I’m the same person anymore because I don’t know if I like talking on the phone as much as I use too.

Oh something else that is new is I ate a whole green pepper and I had never eaten them before. I always thought they were hot so I stayed away from them but I got some really good ranch dip and sat and ate the whole thing. I’m so proud of me with trying all these new foods. You will not even know what to do with me.

Love ya all
Sister Barrand
P.S. We work with a senior couple in the office and Sister Reddish reminds me of Grandma Hogan. So that’s great.

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