Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Cat Fight

Hey HeyThis week we had an eventful cat fight with the Elders for not letting us know about day light savings time. We, well I got pretty up set about that extra hour of sleep and got mad. I let it fester to long and blew up at the Elders. I’m terrible and felt incredibly bad for getting so upset over an hour, and apologized as soon as possible. I don’t know why but that was probably the most mad I’ve gotten on my mission. I felt pretty bad. So this week I’m really trying to work hard on being nice and saying nice things. Especially to those I don’t get along with. I’ve been kind of sarcastic with one Elder cause I can’t stand him, so I have to watch myself. Not to mention there was a cat fight last week in Ward Council with the Elders Quorum President and us Sisters. It was feisty. We were just trying to state our option on home teachers for Heather and it did not go over well.

He said we were pushy because we were asking to get home teacher for her, it had been weeks since her baptism and getting a home teacher right away to teach them the new member lessons is vital for new converts. GRRRRRR. Sister Larsen said she’s never seen me so enraged.Our trio had an intense work out/dance party with Halloween tinsel and Josh Groban. It was a blast and it might be hard to believe but I’m sore everywhere. We are just glad no one saw into our windows.We tried volunteering at the nursing home to see a less active that works there but they want us to fill out all this paper work and have back ground checks. No thank you.We might start teaching a man who looks exactly like Michael Douglas.

I’m sick right now cause sister Hatch was sick and were are with each other 24/7 so I was bond to get sick.Jake is doing pretty well. His wife Sue came back home from the hospital today. We are trying to teach them together so they can get baptized together, but it hard when she is always in the hospital. Jake is a funny man he is always trying to give us a hard time and he thinks I’m trouble. He calls us “the pepper steal’n Mormons” cause we stole some peppers from his garden and took pictures for him. He loved the pictures cause we looked so happy. I had so many peppers they were coming gout my pockets.To end on a good note are less actives and investigator came to Fast and testimony meeting and it was the best one out on my mission so far. I was so good. There was only one kinda scecty one but the kids were making enough noise and they weren’t able to hear. So that Sunday went from dark to light.
Love you all
Sister Barrand

I would love Austin’s mailing address so I can write himDad I’m not surprised that no one showed up at the temple on Halloween.Mom whats hows the job situation ?

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johnbridges said...

Sister Barrand,

How are you doing? Charlissa and I are doing great. We had a little girl about 5 weeks ago. Her name is Abigail and she is so awesome. Anyway, I had to share this story with you. The other day I was playing this game with Thomas where I ask him his favorite things, like his favorite food, color, movie, etc. He loves doing it, even though I ask the same questions all the time. Anyway, I asked him who his best friend was and he said "daddy", then I asked who his favoritve mommy was and he said, "my mommy" and then I asked who his favoritve sister was, and he said, "sister Barrand." It was so precious. Obviously I was expecting Abigail. Anyway, I thought that might make your day. We hope you are doing great. We miss you in the Radford Ward. We have four elders now and they are all pretty good. Good luck with everyting. You are such a great missionary! Take care,

The Bridges