Monday, November 26, 2007


Sorry I didn’t get to send my letter last week the silly computer kicked me off as I was pressing the button to send. It was a little upsetting but I got over it.We finally snuck in a lesson with our talkative Land Lord/ Funeral Director (Brad Ford). What he wanted was customs of Mormon Funerals and what he got was the Second Lesson The Plan of Salvation.

He not really interested but I’m glad we got a word in that head of his.These pass two Sundays have been great. Last week we had 2 ½ investigators there and this week we had 4 1/2 investigators there. Seriously that does not happen here. I say ½ because Sherry Gross Brought her 11 year old daughter and we haven’t taught her yet so we can’t fully call her a investigator. But hey they love Church, especially when the women are doing a Visiting Teaching conference and there is a Potata bar. Plus we had a special musical number performed by us sister missionaries. I’m telling you they always are getting me to sing out here. I even had to do a little solo part. P.S. I hated the song. But the old ladies loved it.There is an old lady that also live above the funeral home and we sat down with her a listened for hours. WE were thinking of recording her voice and just playing it at night and we would fall asleep in the matter of seconds.

I night have fallen asleep in a couple of visits with her. I doesn’t help when you in a big cozy chair and you don’t have to say a word cause they will just talk you ear off. I saw my other comps doing the same thing. This three some has been really great. WE get along so well. Last night we tried something new to unclog the bathroom sink due to the fact that sister Hatch dropped her Toothpaste cap down the drain. We took a plunger to it and brown chunky liquid was flying everywhere. Don’t worry I got it on video.Oh you already know but I got my trunky Papers last week and it scared the crap out of me. I still can’t get over the fact that I’m actually severing a mission. This is all too crazy. I actually got really stressed out about what date I would come home on either Feb 28 or April 10. I still can’t believe it it’s gone by so fast. I’ve been giving it some thought and praying about it. I’m not sure even what I’m going to do when I get home. So I have really no reason to come home unless you got something planned. I was wondering if you could get me schedules for school so I could check out my options. I was thinking about summer semester at BYUI and if I could get in to BYU or I don’t know what I want to do. So you can help me out if you want. I might want to be an EFY consoler? ifyou have any ideas you can let me know.

Although i did talk to president Cowley about my relase date and i think i've made up my mind.About 5 months ago we tracked into Lori Short. I was incredibly hard to teach her on a regular basic due to her sickness. All she told us was that she had M.S. We felt prompted to fast for Lori’ Health so that we could teach her about the restored truths. So both Sister Larsen and I fasted. We both agreed that it was the most spiritual fast that we have had. We Still continued to try to make appointments but she was never well. Her Husband and Daughter were both unsure with us coming over and kind of fought her on it. Lori was strong and tried to help them understand, but she felt like she didn’t know it well enough to try to teach them.

So we would try to set up appointment with the Husband there but she would always say he is not ready. We managed to have her get to know the bishop’s Wife (Sister Haws). Last week on the phone Lori said she had some exciting news, even to good to tell us over the phone we had to wait until we were face to face, so we were real anxious to get over there.

We were thrilled that it was late in the evening that David her husband would be home. As we got there we were excited enough to see that David was there. As we were sitting down they told us that her Brain tumor was completely gone and the Lesions in her brain were so small that the Doctors would have never diagnosed her with M. S. And All the Doctors were floored. You could just see through their expression that they knew that this was truly a miracle and all of our prays were answered. Then David asked if he could learn more because he wanted to read the Book of Mormon this week. So we taught the most incredible Lesson of a Loving Heavenly Father and a humble boy’s prayer.
Love you all
Sister Barrand

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