Saturday, November 03, 2007

I was a clown for Halloween what were you?

“I’m a mean old witch with my hat, and I ride on my broom with my cat!” Mom do you remember singing that to me when I was little. Well in honor of you and Halloween I sang it to all the Elders here. I loved to see the pictures of you all having dinner and that you invited the missionaries. That is the best thing you can do for the missionaries is to provide a home where you can feel the spirit and participate by sharing your testimony.

For the ward Halloween party we tricked everyone one into thinking we were all Sister Barrand’s. I had Sister Larsen and Sister Hatch wear my other named tags. Some members knew there was a sister Larsen and a Barrand but couldn’t tell us apart cause they think we look alike. AS for sister Hatch it was her first time meeting some of them and they had know idea what her name was. So that was our excitement there. Oh yesterday was the first live possum I have ever seen. We all started screaming in the car because we were all so excited. Zone conference was better then I thought. I have to tell you that president told us we would be doing some role playing and I hate role playing with other missionaries. So we joked about not going but of course we went and I felt the spirit probably one of the strongest I have ever felt.

My old District leader is now AP and taught the Restoration to us all. It was more then powerful when he taught. You can feel the sincerity when he teaches, it truly amazing what our heavenly Father has in store for us.I’d say one of the greatest things that happened this week was our prayers about Jake’s Septic tank were answered. About two weeks ago when it stopped working the Kroll family and us started praying for a way to fix their septic tank, so they could all be home together as a family rather then them at their friends because they couldn’t use the toilet or the shower. We also wanted them to concentrate on Jake’s baptism not on having no money to pay for a new septic tank. This consumed their thoughts and took place of the Gospel. Well a senior couple down in another area about a hour away was also praying about how they can help out because they were all out of trimming trees in their area.

The Apples felt impressed to take us sister and help us find less Actives in our area. WE would use their miles because we don’t have very many. WE had a lot of people we could find in Grafton because they all live on routes and it would take a lot of miles to try and find them. So we had a couple of appointments and we were able to find people and streets that we had searched for before. The Krolls and the Apples got along really well and Elder Apple paid and fixed their septic tank the next day. Elder Apple spent the whole day over there fixing it all up. We noticed how many prayers were answered and thanked our loving Heavenly Father.

Now Jake’s wife Sue want to take the lessons for real and they want to get baptized together. So that means were are going to work really hard with Sue and her smoking addiction. We also have to keep Jake on the right path so Satan can’t distract him to much. It will be the most difficult but the most rewarding. So that’s a no go on the baptism on the 4th.Mom, Dad and Celeste, did I ever tell you that I was obsess with Prison Break as well, the only difference is you can watch and I can’t. You luckies!Dad- about that cook book, I’ve already collected a whole but of tasty treats, but not anything gross. So I don’t think I will be cooking any squirrel for y’all. Sorry. That description of the food on your mission was enough. Sorry to hear about the Rockies but that was very good of you to go to a ballet. I promised you will be blessed.P.s. mom for the list that you have been asking for is going to be tuff cause I don’t even know what I want. There is one thing but I will write a real letter about it. Know that I love you and your Heavenly Fathers loves you He’s watching over you and is pleased when you are aligning your will with His.
I hope you all have a great Halloween
Love Sister Barrand

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