Sunday, February 24, 2008

Disappointed but not Discouraged

I have to tell you that just because there are some health issues it doesn’t stop us from the work. We are both determined to help theses people we love. We do have to be careful and not over due sister Pecks body but we get a lot done. The Bishop is actually shocked at the work that we have been doing but makes sure we slow down for Sister Peck. I also have to tell you that the Craven Family that was just this amazing experience cut us off and didn’t want to be Mormon. I know we planted a seed and they will accept it later.

We left the situation on a good note, disappointed but not discouraged. Oh and I’m not sure if I told you but Kathy with the baptism date thought we were telling her what to do with not being able to drink coffee and stopped the lessons with us. This was pretty hard to take because I was planning to give her the new quad that you all gave me. Now we will have to find some more. Which we are doing. Tommy and his Mom, Vera Jordan are doing well. They pretty much believe in everything we are teaching them but haven’t made the commitment to make it out to church.

We are praying really hard that these people will have the desire with in them to know for themselves. I noticed more and more the people just don’t care, they are happy the way they are. Oh but in our scavenger hunts for Less-actives we found Pat Bennett’s wife Genesia Bennett. They are probably in the 40’s to 50’s. You know the funny thing about ages is I cann’t tell anymore. On our weekly reports to the bishop we have to give an ages to each person and I just guess all the time. Sometimes I’m 20 years off. The ward sure has fun with that. This family really gets me cause they have a little baby girl and we just found out she is pregnant again. But anyways we got welcomed in by Genesia and taught her some stuff even though she didn’t have any questions. Pat Bennett was offended back in his teens and still holds on to that and hasn’t been to church in like 30 years +. He gets annoyed with the home teaching calling every month but it put a good impression on Genesia who feel like her church doesn’t even know she belongs.

Every calling is important!! Even home and visiting teacher ( we taught that to Jackie who is counting down the week for her baptism. Yea. Except I don’t like to hear how long cause that is the same time I go home, so I always plug my ears.) Genesia even asks him question and he doesn’t really answer them for her. When we were over there the other night we were kinda teaching Genesia cause she really doesn’t know she is being taught and Pat came home from work. It’s the first time he has been seen by the missionaries or ward member in 20 + years. He looked like he was in his 60’s J/k. He was way nice a polite he even brought up the sealing that took place with him family. This made Genesia spring up and ask questions. We got to teach all about sealing and Baptism for the dead and how Christ taught the people in the spirit world and she looked at Pat and said “I want to be sealed, Are we going to do that?” You see all long we have heard that Pat doesn’t go because he doesn’t think his wife cares but she is the one telling him that they should get back to church. It’s great and they invited us over for dinner.

They even talked about coming back to church. Speaking about church the less active Foster family are pretty good friends with an active family and are going to have family home evening together. They said they are ready to come back fully.Stake Conference was real good and I enjoyed all the talks. It’s made me want to be an exceptional mom and have a great husband that follows those “8 ate’s” I know big dreams. In my studies I found this perfect scripture for Stevi who is alone in the gospel and wants her husband to be progressing with her. I was having this great study about sanctification and found 1 COR 7:13-14. It came to me with out second thought that Stevi needed this scripture I wrote it down as fast as I could and gave it to her the next time we meet with her.

She Absolutely loved it and has been thanking me ever since for a scripture that reassures her that she is doing the right thing and it will be worth it even if her husband is a unbeliever. He will be sanctified by Stevi it she continues to keep enduring. This is one of the greatest parts of being a missionary. Coming across something or saying something that a person needed. I love revelation!!!! I’m so glad it has been restored back in this dispensation. We went on a hike as a zone for Zone p–day and it was literally freezing. I’m surprised I even went.

It was nice to be in the woods walking and thinking about Joseph’s first vision and Christ’s Atoning sacrifice. My thought were more focused on the atoning sacrifice as I knelt down with my companion and watched her shake and cry as she was going through this exscrusionating pain. I felt as the disciples might of, as they watched our Savior go through so much, when they could do nothing. I was hurt in side for how much my companion is going through. It only brings me to my knees for the sacrifice that took place in the Garden of Gethsemane. I am so grateful for repentance and this beautifully simple Plan from our Loving Heavenly Father.
I love you all
Sister Barrand


Melinda Draschil said...

I don't know if I am allowed to leave comments, but I decided that if I am not allowed then you won't read it..... :) Just wanted to say that I have loved keeping up with you on the blog and that I just love you....that's all,

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