Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's the fullness, that counts

I didn’t want you all to know but I got the worst hair cut of my life! By some member from France. It was all sorts of bad. My companion had the best spot she watched my face to whole time. The lady literally picked up the hair and whacked it off, you should have seen me face. OH well it will grow back.Mom you asked about a PMG ward and that is where the members are reading and applying PMG to their lives. Basically they know they are missionaries as well and we work on the lord work together. We need you just as much as you need us. It’s one big happy family.This week has been interesting. I was over whelmed with love as we were able to watch the President’s Gordon B. Hinckley’s funeral. I know the church is true. What a prophet he was. I’m ever so grateful for the time we have been given to have had him serving, what a miraculous prophet of God. I truly know that our Heavenly Father love us and we can be grateful everyday just knowing that. I love this.S

o my companion has been struggling pretty hard with a lot of things. Mostly with her carpel tunnel, not sleeping at night and not receiving news from home. At zone conference two weeks ago the pain that existed in her arms moved to her upper chest and down her right leg. She had shortness of breath. Carpel tunnel shouldn’t be any where besides the arms. So this was something different. We were both pretty worried and I for sure didn’t know what to do. I wanted to call Sister Cowley but sister Peck was sick of talking to doctors. I knew she was in a lot of pain and the only thing I knew what to do is carry her stuff for her. She is incredible and made the pain seam like it wasn’t even there but she broke down on Sunday. After all the hand shakes to everyone at church and fasting just broke her. She laid in bed and I wrapped her arms up with hot pads.

The elder gave her a blessing of comfort. And she slept well that night. The pain was still there so finally allowed me to call Sister Cowley. After a lot of phone calls, the doctors and the Cowley’s became really concerned that because Dr. Edwards said it could be MS. This was pretty hard to take in. As Sister Peck sat there helpless, I felt the love of our Heavenly Father and assured her that everything will work out ok. She stayed pretty strong, received another blessing and a lot of prayer. We went to the doctors and they are going to try and fix the shortness of breath so they told her that she needs to go off her anti-inflammatory medicine for the carpel tunnel. She now will have to wear some braces on her wrist and soak them in ice water to lessen the swelling. Sister Peck is strong she doesn’t want to go home and will do anything to stay out here.

We will be going back to the doctors soon. On a brighter note we taught all the people in the waiting room. There was one particular lady who was truly interested and asked the perfect question for us to share the restored gospel. I felt the spirit so strong as I shared the first vision. I love when ever we share that, the spirit testifies strongly and the surroundings are put on hold just for that 30 second. What a tender mercy. To bad we don’t cover that area, but we will make sure that she will be taught. Have I told you how much I love this kind of stuff it’s such a blessing to me that I get to do this.

I hope you all know that I know this is the restored Church in its fullness.
Thanks everyone who wrote my comp, she said thanks and she feels more apart of our family then she does her own. It’s a really good thing. Dad thanks for the hand written letter to sis. Peck she loved my silly little corks and teases me now. And mom for the arts and crafts, we will sure have fun with that. Bryce thanks for the email as well. You have no Idea how much this truly means to her and me. Her favorite was the fam picture, she felt so honored to receive that family picture. She is excited to meet you all in person someday. It’s all so good.Thanks mom for the pearls and the strips. “I use them pearls everyday.”
Love you
Sister Barrand

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