Friday, February 29, 2008

The Lord Knows

The Lord really knows. So I while ago in a interview with president he told me that I shouldn’t feel any less of a Missionary because I haven’t trained. He promised me that if I do train that it would be a good experience. I figured with only a little time left i would never train. I was ok with that because it would be a lot of responsibility and stress. And if you know me I don’t like that. So transfer were coming up and everything led to sister peck leaving, not knowing for sure she said goodbye and shared an excellent testimony. She didn’t want to leave at all.

Monday night rolls around and President told me that the new Sister coming in Sister Hill wants to be my companion. Basically the Lord trust me with a missionary. I was shocked usually the new missionaries get two transfers with their trainer so I totally thought I was out but I was honored and maybe felt like I would corrupt this perfect sister. President told me that she needs my happy personality due to her father pasting away last June. Actually her answer was confirmed due to that. On the way up to transfers I was making jokes to how old I am and about to have a baby. So you can add another grandchild. Every time I got a little nervous cause I didn’t know what she was going to be like I would mention that I had morning sickness.

Of course we were late to transfer because of the snowy roads so I missed some of the training meeting, but when I got in there guess who was in there? It was Elder Quillen. Crazy. That was the first time we meet. So dad I found him and we talked about New Jersey, it was great. I met Sister Hill real quick and then introduced her. I said “and God remembered Rachel” cause I’m so old, but I got a big time late reaction. Oh well. I’m so excited. The funny thing is Sister Hill and I have already been told we could be sister. I’m excited to have that greenie fire in full force.

We found out that Sister Hill and Danica went to school together. She made Danica’s Bridal veil and went to her bridal shower. Danica was her relief Society President. This was all too exciting. I love it. We are going to work so hard on getting these people to come unto Christ.It sounds like from being obedient and attending the temple Dave received some blessings. Well Tommy our gator has been reading and praying. We found work in the horse business that we had been praying for. I turn out that there is a member that has a horse to sell that Tommy needed, perfect color and everything. The lord does truly love and know us personally.Had a crazy story to tell you, I of all people was called racist. This African man was totally offended by the pamphlet that we gave him. He said he would read the Book of Mormon but he didn’t like us already.Well I’m glad you got to talk to Don and I’m excited to see him. I love that kid. The work is great and I’m loving it.

Love Sister Barrand

Mom: Happy 35th Birthday you young stunning, beautiful, favorite, much loved, Mother of mine. (on the 2nd of course)

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