Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Valentines DAY!!!or Happy Singles Day!!!!(that's for you Dan)

Dad, I didn’t some yard work! I worked so hard that my forearms were soar the next couple of days; I decided that you should move into a town home so we wouldn’t have to do a silly thing like that. Actually it was pretty pathetic that I was soar all I did was move the split pieces of wood the stack of wood and spread fertilizer. We did get to have a good lesson with their less active granddaughter. She has troubles with believing we are the only true church. It seems to be a very common reason around here. We went tracking on this street that we had felt we should tract and found Tom Coleman. But our first door this big old man came to the door and said “ Oh I don’t believe in your theology and we don’t anything in common, I ‘m a Bible man!” We assured him that we too believe in the bible.

But his response was shut off because he was friends with an excommunicated member. But Tom (the 4th Tom we are teaching) saw our name tags he invited us in. Of course we didn’t go in cause he was the only one home but he was all about showing us his near death experience and telling us his relationship with God. We had a great lesson with him and will try to teach him with some members.You wouldn’t believe it the Foster Family came to church. The whole gang, it was a sight to see. They were so welcomed back and I think they are realizing some good things here. I have to tell you about this Family the Cravens, that were referred by a RM. Kyle the member told to go over to his coach and Spanish teacher’s houses they lived right next to each other so it wasn’t hard to find cause it was down no holler. Actually we live in kinda a ritzy place.

Well we went to the coaches home and the Young’s had moved but Wang was very kind and said we could come back to teach his family. Then went over to the Cravens, She wasn’t quite sure why we were there but as soon as we mentioned Kyle’s name she let us right in. we told her what we were doing and she invited us back. When we went back we had Kyle there. (it helped that he was a good example and a good student) Cause Renée Craven only had nice thing to say. I wasn’t sure how we were going to make it over there during another ice storm but we did. It’s kinda funny cause nobody drives even when there is three snowflakes.

The lesson went so well and it was a family I think I’ve expressed how hard it is to find Families to teach and hear we had Renée and her husband Tom and their two girls. All the focus was on the lesson and there was really none distractions. What was really nice is that they weren’t going off on tangents, but they were intently listening. I felt so great after that. This is why I’m out here to bring families in.Mom thank you for all the valentines card stuff. We have made some to give away and yesterday we took one to a member in a nursing home. He was so delighted to see us and he couldn’t read the card so I offered to read it to him and as I did so I started to tear up. I couldn’t finish what we had written because I knew Christ went thought all this pain that he was going through. I just got the tiniest glimpse of what our Savior has done for us. That brings me to me knees in gratitude. I’m so grateful for the Atonement.
Love you all
Sis. B.
Mom/Dad you will have to tell me more about where these town homes are?

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