Sunday, February 10, 2008

I love Joseph Smith

Had some really neat experiences this week. The other morning I got this specific prompting to go tracking and to teach ten lessons. Now ten lesson is a lot for one day in this area. But I had a great feeling about this so I turned to Sister Peck and said we have to teach ten lessons today. So we went out and did. It was amazing, I loved every second in the cold snowy weather. We went tracking and found a new investigator named Tommy. We also found the less active family the Fosters. It was incredible how rewarding it was to follow that prompting and feel the spirit. The fosters are struggling with faith, I’m afraid he wants proof because he is a scientist but the ward is great and will help out in any way. We had a member come with us the next time and she boar her testimony simply but beautifully. We stressed how important it is for their two young girls and their new born to grow up in the gospel.

The Fosters took it all very well and are going to try to make it out to church. We also found out he was a hair dresser, so there so many tender mercies that are helping us bring these recent converts back to activity. So we have been teaching a recent reactivated member Stevi, She is amazing but still struggled with prophets and Priesthood due to a bad experience with her bishopric about 30 years ago. So we all have been working together to help her out she knew her testimony would come if she continued doing the right thing. Well on Sunday we had the most spiritual sacrament talk on Joseph Smith along with a musical number. I could not hold back, the spirit rung so deep into my heart of the truthfulness that we teach. Relief Society was also on Joseph Smith. Then in our lessons with Stevi we happened to be in the first lesson when Joseph Smith received the first vision. After all this Stevi looked up and said “ I think I received my answer.” She had been studying, searching and praying about this and it came to her. She realized how she always needs to do this. It was pretty neat to see that change in her.

So we had a kinda crazy reaction. We went to a part member home the moons. The son Michael was out side and told us we could go to the side door to talk to his mom. On the church records we knew that the father and three sons were members. But we call everyone sister and brothers, so we called his mom sister Moon. She was not very happy and said her husband was not interested neither was she. She kinda had this attitude of resentment. We prolonged the conversation and she totally opened up and let us her in her home. She told us all about her 22 year old son who committed suicide and her excommunication of the church. It was a complete change of spirit from the time she opened the door and by the time we left. We bore testimony and she bore hers as well. She even thanks us for our sweet spirits. It was incredible how much she still had even going thought all that she went through.

We will defiantly will go back and show her the love and support that she needs from members. I love new companion they always bring something new to the area.

Love you all
Dad: what dose this translate to: Ofa Lahi atu?Dad I’m excited for your two new callings. That will be great , just helping everyone. Your chocolate dessert sound delicious. Hate to say it but some times I feel like I’m teaching deaf/mute 10 year old boys. But the spirit is there and that is the teacher.
Crazy things will be different when I get home. It’ll be sad to have a different stake President. Actually I need to know that information about all that and tell the office so they can have the right information.

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