Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Don't be ashamed

You should never be ashamed of the Holy one of Israel. I was reading about this in 2 Nephi 6 and how you should not be ashamed. It so neat to actually go through the change of heart where you might be embarrassed of what you do, what you believe in, and what you stand for. I realized that in high school I had so many missionary opportunities and didn't take any of them. I never remember sharing my testimony with any of my friends. I never felt worthy of such things, I just thought that it was to hard to bring up the gospel to my friends I didn't want to come across "preachy" or "churchy" it just kills me, that I wasn't a member missionary. I was thinking about that and, there is a huge difference when there someone who is not a member and claims themselves to be spiritual and yells and shouts out what they think is holy. But that is not how the spirit works. The spirit is soft and quiet. That is why I always felt uncomfortable when I heard someone shout out the lords name or when they talked preachy to me. They didn't have the spirit. I have never yet, felt so proud to be so spiritual and in tune with the spirit. I am so far from being ashamed to share this true gospel and to represent Jesus Christ. Now I see that in Kevin, he told us that he is not ashamed of reading the scriptures or doing what is right in front of others and his friends. Man it's neat to go through that myself but it is even better when we get to experience that through someone else.

Last night we were at a member’s house for dinner and the husband is a recent convert of about three years ago. It took him 32 year of being married to a member and having three righteous kids to finally join. I asked him what changed his mind. He said that it was all the great examples. He had learned and watched his wife and children be righteous. It’s amazing to think that you can learn from your children like Brother Shelton had. I hope we all are great examples of Christ in all that we do, cause you don't know who will be watching us as an example.

We will hopefully get together this week with Kevin because he was sick all last week. Preston had so many questions and we just didn't have enough time cause he had to go. He also asked if he could come to church and if people would judge him if he showed up. We made it apparent that it was perfectly fine to come to church.

So on Saturday we went to go visit the new Stilner family. We came across Ronnie (60's) and Bryan (20's). Ronnie is the manager of the apt. and Bryan was just helping him out putting in a basketball hoop. We stopped and talked to them and gave Ronnie our number to come to church. This morning we got a call from Ronnie asking us if we could teach him more about what we believe in and our standards in a week or two. Sister Quinton tells me that people never just call up and ask to be taught. I say that we are just being spoiled. I love this work and this gospel. I'm striving on being the best example for others so they are able to come unto Christ.

I love you all
Sister Barrand

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