Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The People

Hey all

Appalachian Quick Reference Guide:

myep-ya May i help you?
mear-mint Come here a Minute
rat-chere right here(or thar)
y'all you all
all-y'all plural of y'all
purt-n-nir pretty near

Ha Ha that’s really how some of them speak over here. It's funny to listen to that coming from the pulpit. Sometimes I just laugh to myself. Last Sunday was probably the most entertaining cause there was 160 of them all condensed into a branch building. The first Sunday we were here there were 127 people. And last week we had 160. Oh wee. Ok I’m tellin' the truth but it was only cause of the primary program. Which was amazing... to watch those wild kids. Ok it was distracting but also heart warming (I cried). All I could think about is how young they learn the gospel and how they are truly Children of God. I loved it.
Wes Smith: Each Sunday I go and talk to Wes. Wes was bought up in the church and says “I was made to believe in god by my parents, but that doesn't mean I believe in him now." he is peculiar. He got a divorce, has an adorable mentally handicap son named Liam, and lives with his brother's family. And is oh so bitter at everyone and the church. But he comes to church still on his own. That is peculiar. He said we can't make him become religious.
Jess Cantline: He is a less active that got real offended by people in the church. He used to be on the council and his wife use to be the organist. But sadly now they say "the church might be true but the people aren't”. Well hello we all know that people are not perfect. But that doesn't stop us from going to church! Just reminds me to not get offended. I'm glad Danica had that family home evening on not getting offended. That was great. Really if you get offended you can not have the spirit and the spirit is your constant companionship and he strives to be there when you are like Christ, and Christ dose not get offended.
So I think I told you about Tina Lindsay before. She is the one the had some question about Joseph Smith. Now, I called her the other night and she was mumbling 10 time worst then I do, plus an accent. All I heard is that she took the Koran and put in front of our synagogue... mummble . . . mummble. .mumble...crack... I stopped her and asked her about that crack. She said "opps did I say that, you were not supposed to hear that, don't tell anyone about that." Come to find out she just was interested because she wanted the church to pay for her food and rent. She told me "it's ok cause I can go to any other church and get them to pay for that."
On a Good note Laura Hall: We met her and the next time we taught lesson one. She has been going to church for about a year and has been dating her LDS boyfriend for about 3 years. He is putting in his papers to go on his mission. And she is waiting for him, she wants to get married in the temple to Alex for time and eternity. She is so excited to learn more about the gospel. We can see it in her eyes when we meet up with her. She is just soaking up everything the spirit is teaching her.
For Zone P-day we were able to watch the Best Two Years. It’s way more enjoyable if you know whats really going on, on a mission.
BOM Baseball is my new favorite game. We played it over at a member's home for FHE.
This work out here that I get to do everyday is so amazing. Just the other day we finally found this less active member Patricia, Who started crying when she saw that we were missionaries. She shared her conversion story and told us how much she loves the missionaries. The only reason she is not going to church is her husband won't let her. Its so sad to see that she never thinks his heart will be softened. The lord works in peculiar ways. We never know who's heart he will soften or when it will happen. But we do know that he his merciful and loves each one of us. I love this place and what I’m doing for the lord. I love having the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost 24/7.
Love you all
Sister Barrand
P.S. The worst food that I’ve eaten here was this cheesy over cooked vegetable goop, with gross tough ham. (You can just say that I had a lot off rolls that night)
Ok fine I’m spoiled here.

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b-ryce said...

It is funny how you used to say that you didn't want to learn another language but it seems to me that you are. :)
I love reading your letters. You are such a wonderful missionary. You have such an amazing good attitude about everything, even about the cheesy vegetable goop with gross ham.
Love, Marcia