Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Elder Pace!

Well to start off the week, we had zone conference with Elder Glenn Pace, of the seventies. It was awesome but pretty rough conference. We found out that the West Virginia Mission is the hardest baptizing mission in the United States. And we as missionaries are showing it. The average baptism here per mission per year is 2.1. We as a mission are at 1.3 and the highest that it has ever been is 3.3. That hit me pretty hard. As Elder Pace said, “Where is the fire in our bellies?” or “Eye of the tiger?” He talked about us being Vultures and going out and killing something and not sitting around. He said, “We suffer more from a lack of self-confidence than a lack of humility!” All right I’m so guilty! This week was pretty hard on my self-confidence. Someone had little faith in me to take on a project and other person went on about how wonderful my companion was. I took it very personally I felt all alone, like no one cared about me, that there was no need for me. It was Satan pushing me down making me feel as little as dirt. It stopped when I stopped thinking about myself and started thinking about (Kate) a less active member that was there. When I sat by her and befriended her when no one else did she told me she loved me. She really meant it too. She said that it is not weird cause she really feels that was. That made me feel all warm inside that I was there for one of Heavenly Father’s Children. And that I was not a nobody and I have a very important work to do.
We were able to teach Jessica lesson two. She opened up and told us that she doesn’t know what to do: take the rest of the lessons or be there for her sister in her church. Mom is not too happy about the church either.
Oh oh, we were able to wear jeans!!!! We helped a family in the ward move. It was fun to help out.
We didn’t get to much teaching to our investigators cause they are all students and they were all home for the holidays.
I hope you all have a great Thanks Giving, eat a lot! Have fun and befriend someone!

Love Sister Barrand

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