Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I tried to take a picture with a cow but it ran off. I thought you might like the rolling hill behind me though!?

Gas dosen't always come that cheap. 1.98 baby
I'm so greatful for our 2006 malibu. It tells us when we need to get an oil change and washer fuild! It's like the nicest car I will ever own.
I gave Preston (an investigator) and hair cut for the price of listening to Sister Quinton preach the gospel. I knew cutting hair would come in handy!
This is our humble Apt. You can tell if you look real close at the windows. There is a picture of Christ. We didn't want the people behind us to feel left out so we put another one on the other side, so you were able to tell from anywhere.

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b-ryce said...

Love the pics tiana!!!